Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eighty Eight Weeks

We have a new favorite show this week. Max loves watching Bubble Guppies lately. He says "bubba guppa" to request it, and he loves to watch several episodes in a row. His favorite part is when the fish swim in the show, and of course the music. He's in love with fish lately. He's also started saying "I see you" when he comes out from under the blanket or behind a corner. He used to point and laugh, but now he's saying the words too! Uh oh, we have trouble! He still love the letter W of course, it's been his favorite for a few weeks now.

Max seems to love ketchup like I do. I remember that I really like ketchup (still do) as a kid, so it's hilarious to watch him. He will start with his fries to eat the ketchup, but he quickly resorts to his fork or fingers to eat it up. He gets it all over the place, and then puts his arms up for a big hug. Sometimes I think he's planning this, clever little monster. Speaking of clever, he's learned a new trick when cleaning up during bath time. To get all of his bath letters together, he overlaps them in the water to make a long chain to pick up in one stroke, rather than one by one. How is he this smart already?

My favorite new thing this week has been something at daycare. When I come to pick him up, he runs up to me and says "home" over and over. Then he gets his bug hug and tries to leave on his own. He stands at the door and waits for me, or tries to escape on his own. He's walking out on his own too, which makes him seem so grown up to me!

Last night he brought my phone to me and said "did-cher" and waited for me to open the camera function. Then he posed for a bunch of pictures using the self-facing camera feature. Silly kid! He loves taking pictures and looking at his silly faces in the camera. I love to look at these faces! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eighty Seven Weeks

Because Max loves his alphabet so much, I bought him some bath tub letters. He is obsessed with them! He's having a blast naming all of the letters, sticking them to the wall, and of course biting them. His favorite one is W of course, and he holds it for most of his bath. When it's time to clean up his toys at the end of bath, he enjoys naming them all as he puts them into the container.

Daddy bought Max a little Thomas tent this week! Max is loving it! He was just so excited when he first saw it, and just stared. He hasn't started enjoying going inside it yet, he thinks it's a toy to push around. So we have this little boy pushing this big tent around the house like it's a toy train. He's so funny. Daddy and I took turns sitting inside it with him, and he's getting more comfortable with it. I have a feeling that he will really love this tent over time.

We have a couple of new words. He loves to yell "oh no" while putting hands on side of face when he drops something or makes a mess. He must have picked this up at school from another kid, it's just hilarious to see. If his food falls off the plate, he drops a toy, anything. It's so funny. He also says "ta da" loudly whenever he does something special. The other night at dinner, he spent a couple of minute figuring out how to make his fork stand up straight out of the spout of his sippy cup. He was so serious and focused. Then I hear him yell "ta da!" the huge grin on his face showed that he was so very proud of himself. After all of that work, I would be too!

For Christmas, Grampa McGorty gave Max a big fish pillow. We had put it away and lost track of it until this week (he received a TON of presents, so I'm not surprised). This thing is longer than Max, and very soft and smooth. Max loves carrying it around the house now, intermittently stopping to hug it and look at it with his arms extended. He'll say "shishie" repeatedly as he carries it around with his happy smile. It's the funniest things that he latches on to, and it's just so funny. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eighty Six Weeks

Max's sweet and loving personality is really coming out with something he has started doing. When he accidentally drops a toy, he has started to bend down and say "okay?" It's so sweet. He is definitely modeling after my behavior, even down to the bending over while he asks it. I have friends who tell me that their kids (same age) cuss when they drop their toys now, so I consider myself very lucky. What a good kid, right? So caring for his little toys.

We are still running around the house playing tag, he loves it so much. He loves to point at me and just laugh and laugh when I come out from hiding behind a wall or door. He loves to point, laugh, and then tackle me. His favorite way to get me to chase him is to start running when I tell him that it's time to change his diaper. When he hears "can I change your diaper" it must sound like "okay, let's play tag!" He hears me say it, looks up at me, and then takes off while laughing so hard. Then he just giggles and giggles as I wrestle with him while I change his diaper. Such a little jokester!

Max and I have been having a lot of fun with his bath crayons. He has been asking me to draw with him during bath time. I have been drawing his favorite shapes and letters. He gets so excited when I draw a star (his FAVORITE shape) or a car. He draws on top of the shapes and letters as I draw, and names them all as he goes. Bath graffiti is fun for us!

The letter H on his alphabet puzzle has a picture of a house behind it when you pick it up. Because of this, he calls the letter H "home" whenever he sees it. It's so sweet when he's naming all of his letters and he calls H "home" with pride. It's also adorable when he repeats "home" when we get home, and seems to happy to be there with us. He has also started saying coat, snow, outside and of course broom. Broom is a big one lately, especially with all of the sweeping. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Eighty Five Weeks

This past weekend, we had Max stay at his Gramma Jane's house for the night. When we came to pick him up, he came running up to me and hugged me. He then leaned back to look at me and hugged me again. He repeated this twice. It was like he couldn't believe I was real. Then when we were putting his coat on, he was saying "home" and leaning his body as he was pointing towards door. He loves being home lately. He also says "home" when we are walking up to the house and first get inside. 

When picking up from school, he runs right up to a picture of the three of us and points to me in the photo and says "mama" with a happy smile. Then he runs up to me and hugs me. The teachers in his room say that he points to our pictures and says our names all of the time. I think he loves having our picture up. Today after school he asked me for eskimo kisses. It was so sweet. I had taught him a few weeks ago to rub our noses together to kiss, and we hadn't done it in a little bit. But he remembered today and promptly asked for a nose kiss. He's so sweet!

He's growing up so fast! He's now in size 7 shoes! I can't believe it. He's also drinking water while holding his cup with only one hand! A real cup, just one hand. How is this happening so fast? He's also saying "bath" as he points to the tub, it's a clear way of telling me that it's bath time. He definitely has a cleaning gene, which I'm enjoying. He keeps asking me to sweep with him. He gives me a broom and he uses the other one and we sweep together. He'll push the dirt around for a few seconds, look up at me, smile, and then keep pushing. He just thinks it's so great to help out.

We have a new favorite food! We had tacos last night, and he loved them. He was watching how I ate them, and he wanted me to roll his up like mine. He'd feel all grown up and make his proud face as he held it and took a bite. Then he'd realize that it wasn't as easy to pick out his favorite pieces that way, so he would put it down and pull out the pieces he wanted to eat. But then he'd notice how I was eating them a moment later, and ask to have it rolled again. He's such a silly kid.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Eighty Four Weeks

Max has a few new words! He says Percy (Thomas' best friend), snow, apple, cold, and Santa. We put our Christmas card on the fridge, and he loves to point to each of us on it and name us all. He loves pointing at Santa and yelling it out. He also knows the difference between car and truck now, and says truck (well, almost). One of the cutest new words he has is butterfly. He'll say "bubbafie" and open and close his hands to mimic wings. It's adorable! It's been really cold lately. He has started saying "cold" to let us know it's cold outside. He says it over and over while walking to the car, it's so cute! 

His current favorite letter is W. He points to it on his puzzle board, and says it with a big smile. He has started to grab the puzzle piece, and run into the kitchen to grab the W magnet off of the fridge. He'll walk around the house with a W in each hand and look down at them every so often. He doesn't love holding the W pieces as much as the trains, but they're definitely a close second.

I love hearing him talk in his sleep. It's the most precious thing. The other night he was saying "mama" in his sleep as he was patting my arm. It was so sweet! I couldn't help but give him a big kiss on his cheek. If this kid only knew just how much I love him.

Daddy has taught Max to catch snowflakes on his tongue. He thinks it's a huge game! He closes his little eyes, lifts his head to the sky, and sticks his little tongue out. When he catches a flake on his tongue, he looks down at us with this huge smile and makes his proud face with his big open eyes. It's amazing to him! He does it again and again, until he wants to just get down and eat a handful of snow from the ground.

This little monster has started a new trick. We are always chasing each other around. When he peeks out from behind things, I always point and say "I see you!" Now he's started to stop, turn around, and point at me. He wears this huge smile as he points at me, mimicking my "I see you!"

Max loves to help me do stuff, he's always wanting to be involved. The hardest thing this week has been loading the dishwasher with dirty dishes. He doesn't understand that they're dirty, so he's trying to put them in the cabinets for me. Poor little guy, he gets so mad when I stop him and put them back in the dishwasher. It will take some practice and explanation, but he'll get the hang of it. He's just trying to help, and I just love having my little helper nearby!

The poor little guy burned his hand on the pellet stove this week. It was so awful. He has been so good about staying away from it, but he lost his balance and ran into it by accident. It was terrible for the little guy. As he screamed and cried in my arms, I started singing the song I made up for him when he was a little baby. The song calmed him right down, and he was okay again. It had an amazing power in that moment, and I was so grateful. Poor thing. The song has the word "baby" baby in it. Ever since that day, he'll point to himself and say "baby" every once in a while. It's so sweet. He also points to himself and says "mah" for Max, but baby is his new favorite name for himself. Hopefully he'll never have an issue with the pellet stove again, poor boy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eighty Three Weeks

This weekend we had a lot of fun playing outside. Even in the cold weather, Max wanted to ride on his swing. He loves that thing! He likes to go down his slide and land in the snow with a big thump. Up and down, up and down, I don't know where he gets his stamina! He also spent a lot of time riding his truck on the street, or pushing it around. His snow pants and boots make it tough for him, but he pushes goes ahead with it anyway. We have two large red balls in the yard, and he's determined to hold one in each arm at the same time. So he's running around the yard with two balls in his arms up near his face, so he can barely see where he's doing. He would run for a few seconds, stumble and fall in the snow, and then go through the ball collecting process all over again. It was the silliest thing.

Tuesday was Max's surgery for ear tubes, which was tough. He didn't understand why we had to sit on his little bed and wait for the doctor for an hour, that was tough for him. It was so hard for me to bring him into the OR and hold him still to breathe in the sleeping gas while he cried for me. He was just so scared and didn't understand, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. The surgery went well, but his recovery was tough for him. He was very groggy and wanted his mommy. Nursing made him feel a lot better though, he was back to normal within 45 minutes of surgery. Once we got home, he just wanted to go out and play. It was pouring outside, so we went to a local furniture store to let him run around while we looked for a new couch. He had a great time looking at the fish, and yelling "shishies" at them. He just loved those fish!

Aside from learning that he knows "shishie" for fish, he has also started saying tree and bubble. He knows the letters U and W. I love how he says W. It sounds like "dudda-you" and it's just so cute. It's a touch letter, more syllables than most, and he's so proud when he says it. He also knows the number 2! I really didn't imagine that he'd be learning letters and numbers so early. He's getting really good with building his train tracks and putting together. Last week he was just tearing the pieces apart as I put it together, but now he's building on his own (maybe he just didn't like how Mommy was setting it up?). At night, we sit at the top of the stairs and play trains on his tracks together before bed. He likes to play with one train and give me a train to play with. He is such a good sharer!

I love how silly my little boy is. He's always goofing around and playing for a laugh. The other day he was tackling me and putting my breast pads in my mouth (don't worry, they weren't yucky). He was pinning me down and wouldn't let me stop him from putting them in my mouth. I was laughing my head off as I fought him off, and he was giggling even harder. I just love his little belly laughs when he's being silly. He also likes to kiss me until I giggle, and growl at me too. I love that we're always laughing together and having fun. He's just so awesome.

My little helper isn't just helping me cook. Lately, he's been asking to sweep with me. He likes me to hold the big broom and while he holds the hand broom, or visa versa to clean the floor together. It's nice to have a little helper around!

We do lots of running around and chasing in the house. One of his new tricks is to run into the bathroom and close the door until I come and find him. He stands in there and tries to be quiet, but I can usually hear him giggling in excitement as he hears me calling his name at the door. Then I knock on the door and say "hello" and he just busts out laughing. It's hilarious! He even does this when the light is off, in the pitch dark! He never gets scared or cries, even if it takes me a few seconds to "find" him. Silly kid.

He's still in deep love with Thomas the Steam Engine. He gets all worked up when he sees that Thomas is coming on the TV. If he doesn't have trains in his hand, he frantically runs around until he finds a train to hold in each hand. Then he'll run right back up to the TV with the trains in his hands, and just stare at the screen in awe. He loves his little train friends! 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Eighty Two Weeks

This past weekend, I woke up to Max naming the letters on my shirt. He was pointing and said "R, K, M, E, E, A" as he named them off. I hadn't realized he knew all of those letters already! It was an awesome way to wake up. He's been talking in his sleep lately, which is the sweeting thing in the world. The other night, I heard him saying his own name. I looked over, and saw him patting his chest and belly as he said "Mah" over and over. It's so sweet to hear him almost say his name, and to be naming himself in his sleep. Such a cutie pie.

My little boy just loves to help his mommy. He has started to help with making dinner. He's been helping me put everything together to cook. I was filling the measuring cups with water for him, and then he was putting the water into the pan. He was so careful and serious about it. This is a big job! He also grabs for a fresh spoon to help me stir while I cook.

Speaking of food, Max loves wearing his Daddy's hat during dinner. It's a thick (and very warm) winter hat, but he just loves to wear it while he eats. He's all about hats lately. He puts a bowl on his head during his bath and yells "hat!" He's just so cute.

We built our first snowman this weekend! Max was helping me pat the snow onto the big snow balls, and he thought the patting part was hilarious. He kept giggling at it. He'd pat a few times, stop, look at me and laugh, and then start again. He's such a silly boy. He was not interested in the actual snowman building part though. He just wanted to push the snowman's head off! It was so funny! He pushed the head off, and then the top part of the body. He demolished the snow man and ate it like a crazy little monster. He also had a blast playing on his slide. The cold weather doesn't seem to bother him at all. I loved holding his little hands as we walked through the snow together. Such sweet memories.

The other day, he did the silliest thing. I asked him if I could change his diaper because it had pee in it. He ran to his alphabet puzzle, grabbed the letter P and ran around the house smacking his diaper with it. Needless to say, I had to wait a few minutes for him to settle down (and myself too, because I was laughing hysterically) and finally change his diaper. Apparently P is his favorite letter this week. That was one memory that I really wish I had caught on film!