Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Babymoon in Provincetown

Sean and I had spoken about taking a little babymoon vacation for a few months. We wanted to have a little weekend getaway before the baby comes, our last little romantic weekend while it was still just the two of us. We were looking for some quiet time in a beautiful location, and Provincetown (out of season) seemed perfect! 

We stayed at an adorable bed & breakfast, the Snug Cottage and were lucky enough to book the Victoria Suite. It was adorable! A comfortable room, located in a beautiful part of Provincetown, and a great breakfast each morning. What else could you ask for? The place was gorgeous, so charming, every detail was reminiscent of the 1800s (even the keychain). We would love to go back. Here's a picture of the bedroom part of the suite, at the end of our trip (I prefer pictures of the lived-in look sometimes). 


We spent most of our beach time at Race Point, which was a beautiful spot. It was pretty cold and windy, given that it was February 18th and all, but it was worth the chill to enjoy the view. 

My handsome husband, amidst the storm, staring into the sunset. 

This is Pilgrim Monument, which is in downtown Providence. You can see this monument from the beaches as well, it's always nice to see a landmark like this in the distance.  

We stopped at at a boat ramp downtown for a few shots. I had to snap a photo of these buildings built over the water. Beautiful. 

Of course Sean wanted a picture of the bare belly (cold!!) in the sunlight. Yes, I definitely got all dressed up for this shot. 

We stopped at the jetty for a little walk and for some pictures. Beautiful, yet again.  

We made one last stop on Sunday at Herring Cove for another shot of us, and the Jeep. Aww, love!! 

So as you can see, we enjoyed the scenery around Provincetown. It was a beautiful weekend. It was quiet, which is exactly what the doctor ordered. We had a few drinks (I had water, Sean had Jameson and some beers) at the Squealing Pig to relax at the end of the day. The bar was fun and laid back, the kind of bar we like. We definitely recommend it if you're in the area, especially if you like a good selection of not-so-common beers. 

We won't know for a while just how valuable this weekend was. We were sure to pause and appreciate that we were together, and alone. There was lots of focus on the baby (we even brought baby books with us), but it was mostly about us and our relationship. I think any couple should try to do this if they can, although I know not everyone can. Even if it's someplace two hours away like this trip was, just getting away together and making memories is important. We will cherish our baby, but we also cherish our marriage and each other. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anxious & Excited... a follow-up post

I wanted to post a follow-up to the birthday surprise I had written about last week. It was awesome! Sean had no idea what was up, and I'm pretty sure he didn't know who or what we were going to see until we got up to the crowd outside the doors. Awesome. 

The show was awesome. Aaron Lewis is great to see acoustic, and he had his friend Ben playing with him this time. Ben was awesome! They played very well together. Here is a picture (blurry and bad, but hey I didn't lug my big camera into the place). 

Some of the songs really get to you, beautiful melodies and such. Sean and I were so excited when he started to talk about a song he was about to play, making jokes about how honest he was with his emotions when writing it (I won't quote what he said, it was naughty but funny). He played "our song" and it was awesome. Every time I hear that song I get a tingle up my spine, and it just gets me. I started crying after like the first verse, and then some guy brings his girlfriend out front to stand right in front of Aaron. They talked a few seconds, and then he got down on his knee. Okay seriously!?!?! I started bawling! I was already all worked up, and that just put me over the edge. It was so sweet. Of course having Aaron Lewis say "congrats" to them must have been awesome for them too! 

Anyway, it was an awesome concert. We had a lot of fun. The baby seemed to like it too, lots of soft kicking throughout the concert. One more concert for the baby before he/she is born!! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The baby's blanket is done!

On New Year's Eve I started knitting the baby a blanket. I haven't knitted in years (like 20 years) so I chose an easy but cute pattern to get me back into it without completely overwhelming myself (I'm a bit of a perfectionist at times). The pattern I chose is called "Super Easy Baby Blanket" by the PurlBee. I decided to use colors that would match the nursery, which means MONKEY!!! Browns, tan, yellow, orange, greens, and a big banner of red in the middle to make it pop. I used Lion Brand's acrylic yarn (I'm allergic to wool), Vanna's Choice (did you know Vanna White was into yarn???) from Joann Fabrics

Once I started the blanket, I got really into it. I realized that each row took about 15 minutes, so in total it would take about 70 hours to finish. My goal was to finish one color each week (10 hours a week) and finish by the end of February (gave myself an extra week buffer just in case). I finished the blanket last night, in 7 weeks! Sorry to be a geek, but I was very excited about this. I was afraid I would start it and psyche myself out and never finish it. I'm bad with that sometimes, so yes please ignore my geekiness. 

Here's how I spent New Year's Eve, starting the blanket with Dixie (as Sean slept): 

A week later, there was some actual length to the blanket (yay!!): 

The baby seemed to enjoy the blanket, lots of kicking while I was knitting. It was adorable, and of course Sean thought I was nuts at times because I would be giggling to myself over it. Dixie loved the blanket also, and I couldn't keep her off of it! 

The blanket was so warm on my belly and legs, great to knit during the cold winter months! I must say, having the big belly was quite helpful in knitting, built in arm rests!! Here's a picture of me knitting last weekend, almost done! 

A shot of the blanket, knitting done by before weaving in the ends. 

And the final product!! 

Thank goodness for PurlBee and the pattern, this project gave me the confidence to do other knitting projects. My next knitting project will be probably something a bit more complicated, but we will wait until that time comes. I think my next craft project will be based around some scrapbooking, which I am years behind on! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Anxious & Excited

This past Monday was Sean's birthday, which I had been looking forward to for quite a while. I always get so much more excited for his birthday than for my own. I'm the same with Christmas, when I really don't think at all about what I'll be receiving but completely focus on what his face will look like when he opens his gifts. I'm sure it will be even worse when it comes to holidays for our little one! I guess I really enjoy making my loved ones happy!

We've been trying to minimize our spending lately, with the baby coming and all. So his birthday present Monday consisted of a card, a few boxes of his favorite cookies, and a few different containers of his favorite candy. This was my sneaky way of getting him a gift so he thought he was in the clear, but I still have another gift coming. That gift is tonight. I'm so excited! I won't be able to get on here for a few days, so I wanted to post before we went. I'm taking him to see one of "our" artists, Aaron Lewis, play our wedding song (along with his other music of course). I'm so excited! My bratty husband happened to post a video of the song on his facebook page the morning of Valentine's Day, and I totally freaked out! I thought he knew the surprise somehow, and was messing with me! The post was sweet and made my eyes water, I can only imagine how I'll react when I hear the song performed in person!  

Now… if only my body could get on board! I've been tired for a couple of weeks, and today is especially bad. Almost 25 weeks, so I knew the fatigue would be returning any day now. This baby sure is kicking around a lot, and needs my energy to keep up the kicking! 15 weeks left, that sounds so crazy. I feel like we have so much left to do to prepare, but we'll get there!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Monkeying Around

Sean started working on the nursery in December. He did a TON of work. He took two old closets out of the room, fixed up the walls, pulled up the the carpet, laid down a new floor (thanks Ray for the help!), fixed up the baseboard, and painted the room yellow. 

January 22 I started my first project in the baby's room, kicking off the monkey theme. For months I had been eyeing a jungle/monkey mural that I found on etsy by designedDESIGNER but I didn't want to spend the money (and we didn't have enough wall space for the whole thing anyway). I decided to use part of the mural for inspiration. This is the part that I used: 

I went to Joann Fabrics (my favorite!) with my best and craftiest friend Hannah, and chose the basic colors I wanted to use. Two shades of green for the vines/leaves, a light tan for the monkey's face and belly, and finally a orange/brown for the monkey's body. We used a coupon, and spent $3.73 total for the paint. 

I started by using a pencil to sketch an outline of the monkey and the vine. You can see from the picture that I did a lot of erasing and changing my mind. I was thankful that Sean was at the Patriot's game, he would have cringed watching me draw all over the wall over and over. Pencil and eraser marks didn't look good on his fresh paint job. After about 30 minutes of sketching I felt confident in the outline and moved on to the paint!! (Sorry that the outline is hard to see in this picture, I was trying not to draw too darkly on the wall.)

I decided to start with the lighter part of the monkey, so I could fix any mistakes by covering them up with the darker brown color. I also did the vine at this point, to paint different sections that wouldn't touch while wet. I did two coats of each color for better coverage. 

Luckily the paint dried pretty quickly, and I was able to move around the monkey pretty quickly and paint the layers of brown without stopping. It was a lot of fun, and some good music helped me pass the 4 hours that the painting took. When you walk into the room, this monkey is the first thing you see. It is waving hello, hanging right above the crib. It was the perfect way to start showing the baby how much we love him/her! Here is the finished product: 

Overall, I'm thrilled with the monkey! Great way to spend an afternoon, and a small financial investment for something that our child will enjoy for years! More projects to come soon! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blog Intro

The name of my blog, Where Roots Flourish, is a line from a poem I wrote for my husband when we started dating. It is with him that I flourish, and within him where I want(ed) to lay down roots. Together we bought a house in 2010, where we have started to lay down roots for our coming family. Our future. Our everything. 

Sean proposed on his birthday (February 13) of 2011, and we married June 6th of that same year in beautiful Aruba. We found out that we were pregnant in September 2011, and it was an amazing moment. We were so excited, words really can't explain it. We had been trying since our wedding, which had felt like an eternity. But finally, we had success!! A baby was something we had both wanted since we first started dating, but we had waited until we were good and ready. 

We waited until we hit the 12 week point to tell our families and friends about the pregnancy, and to start working on the nursery. I have been toying with the idea of blogging for years, and even started one a year ago (but lost interest quickly). This blog is to share publicly with our friends and family members, to give them a window into our growing family. The deep, emotional stuff for now is being kept in journals for our baby. Here I will share the other stuff, stuff that I feel more comfortable sharing with loved ones and even strangers. I hope you enjoy watching us prepare for our first child, and for everything that will come after!