Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anxious & Excited... a follow-up post

I wanted to post a follow-up to the birthday surprise I had written about last week. It was awesome! Sean had no idea what was up, and I'm pretty sure he didn't know who or what we were going to see until we got up to the crowd outside the doors. Awesome. 

The show was awesome. Aaron Lewis is great to see acoustic, and he had his friend Ben playing with him this time. Ben was awesome! They played very well together. Here is a picture (blurry and bad, but hey I didn't lug my big camera into the place). 

Some of the songs really get to you, beautiful melodies and such. Sean and I were so excited when he started to talk about a song he was about to play, making jokes about how honest he was with his emotions when writing it (I won't quote what he said, it was naughty but funny). He played "our song" and it was awesome. Every time I hear that song I get a tingle up my spine, and it just gets me. I started crying after like the first verse, and then some guy brings his girlfriend out front to stand right in front of Aaron. They talked a few seconds, and then he got down on his knee. Okay seriously!?!?! I started bawling! I was already all worked up, and that just put me over the edge. It was so sweet. Of course having Aaron Lewis say "congrats" to them must have been awesome for them too! 

Anyway, it was an awesome concert. We had a lot of fun. The baby seemed to like it too, lots of soft kicking throughout the concert. One more concert for the baby before he/she is born!! 

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