Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The baby's blanket is done!

On New Year's Eve I started knitting the baby a blanket. I haven't knitted in years (like 20 years) so I chose an easy but cute pattern to get me back into it without completely overwhelming myself (I'm a bit of a perfectionist at times). The pattern I chose is called "Super Easy Baby Blanket" by the PurlBee. I decided to use colors that would match the nursery, which means MONKEY!!! Browns, tan, yellow, orange, greens, and a big banner of red in the middle to make it pop. I used Lion Brand's acrylic yarn (I'm allergic to wool), Vanna's Choice (did you know Vanna White was into yarn???) from Joann Fabrics

Once I started the blanket, I got really into it. I realized that each row took about 15 minutes, so in total it would take about 70 hours to finish. My goal was to finish one color each week (10 hours a week) and finish by the end of February (gave myself an extra week buffer just in case). I finished the blanket last night, in 7 weeks! Sorry to be a geek, but I was very excited about this. I was afraid I would start it and psyche myself out and never finish it. I'm bad with that sometimes, so yes please ignore my geekiness. 

Here's how I spent New Year's Eve, starting the blanket with Dixie (as Sean slept): 

A week later, there was some actual length to the blanket (yay!!): 

The baby seemed to enjoy the blanket, lots of kicking while I was knitting. It was adorable, and of course Sean thought I was nuts at times because I would be giggling to myself over it. Dixie loved the blanket also, and I couldn't keep her off of it! 

The blanket was so warm on my belly and legs, great to knit during the cold winter months! I must say, having the big belly was quite helpful in knitting, built in arm rests!! Here's a picture of me knitting last weekend, almost done! 

A shot of the blanket, knitting done by before weaving in the ends. 

And the final product!! 

Thank goodness for PurlBee and the pattern, this project gave me the confidence to do other knitting projects. My next knitting project will be probably something a bit more complicated, but we will wait until that time comes. I think my next craft project will be based around some scrapbooking, which I am years behind on! 

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  1. My wife's aunt made several blankets for our girl before she was born. They are so special because they were made by a loved ones hands. Your child will cherish this.