Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blog Intro

The name of my blog, Where Roots Flourish, is a line from a poem I wrote for my husband when we started dating. It is with him that I flourish, and within him where I want(ed) to lay down roots. Together we bought a house in 2010, where we have started to lay down roots for our coming family. Our future. Our everything. 

Sean proposed on his birthday (February 13) of 2011, and we married June 6th of that same year in beautiful Aruba. We found out that we were pregnant in September 2011, and it was an amazing moment. We were so excited, words really can't explain it. We had been trying since our wedding, which had felt like an eternity. But finally, we had success!! A baby was something we had both wanted since we first started dating, but we had waited until we were good and ready. 

We waited until we hit the 12 week point to tell our families and friends about the pregnancy, and to start working on the nursery. I have been toying with the idea of blogging for years, and even started one a year ago (but lost interest quickly). This blog is to share publicly with our friends and family members, to give them a window into our growing family. The deep, emotional stuff for now is being kept in journals for our baby. Here I will share the other stuff, stuff that I feel more comfortable sharing with loved ones and even strangers. I hope you enjoy watching us prepare for our first child, and for everything that will come after! 


  1. I went back to this earlier post to get started on your blog. Congratulations to you both! Our little girl is 3½ now, so we are a few years ahead of you. Happy to meet you. Already following you on Twitter of course and your baby board on Pinterest.

  2. p.s. My wife started a blog here on blogger (blogspot) when she was pregnant, and still keeps it updated primarily to share photos and updates with family and friends. Later she started a second blog at which is a more public blog. And then I started mine. Anyway, sorry about all the comments. You're off to a great start!

    1. Thanks for the comments, and please don't apologize! It's great to hear from someone on here. I'll be keeping up with your and your wife's blogs for some tips that I'm sure I'll need in the years ahead. Thanks again!