Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Babymoon in Provincetown

Sean and I had spoken about taking a little babymoon vacation for a few months. We wanted to have a little weekend getaway before the baby comes, our last little romantic weekend while it was still just the two of us. We were looking for some quiet time in a beautiful location, and Provincetown (out of season) seemed perfect! 

We stayed at an adorable bed & breakfast, the Snug Cottage and were lucky enough to book the Victoria Suite. It was adorable! A comfortable room, located in a beautiful part of Provincetown, and a great breakfast each morning. What else could you ask for? The place was gorgeous, so charming, every detail was reminiscent of the 1800s (even the keychain). We would love to go back. Here's a picture of the bedroom part of the suite, at the end of our trip (I prefer pictures of the lived-in look sometimes). 


We spent most of our beach time at Race Point, which was a beautiful spot. It was pretty cold and windy, given that it was February 18th and all, but it was worth the chill to enjoy the view. 

My handsome husband, amidst the storm, staring into the sunset. 

This is Pilgrim Monument, which is in downtown Providence. You can see this monument from the beaches as well, it's always nice to see a landmark like this in the distance.  

We stopped at at a boat ramp downtown for a few shots. I had to snap a photo of these buildings built over the water. Beautiful. 

Of course Sean wanted a picture of the bare belly (cold!!) in the sunlight. Yes, I definitely got all dressed up for this shot. 

We stopped at the jetty for a little walk and for some pictures. Beautiful, yet again.  

We made one last stop on Sunday at Herring Cove for another shot of us, and the Jeep. Aww, love!! 

So as you can see, we enjoyed the scenery around Provincetown. It was a beautiful weekend. It was quiet, which is exactly what the doctor ordered. We had a few drinks (I had water, Sean had Jameson and some beers) at the Squealing Pig to relax at the end of the day. The bar was fun and laid back, the kind of bar we like. We definitely recommend it if you're in the area, especially if you like a good selection of not-so-common beers. 

We won't know for a while just how valuable this weekend was. We were sure to pause and appreciate that we were together, and alone. There was lots of focus on the baby (we even brought baby books with us), but it was mostly about us and our relationship. I think any couple should try to do this if they can, although I know not everyone can. Even if it's someplace two hours away like this trip was, just getting away together and making memories is important. We will cherish our baby, but we also cherish our marriage and each other. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. The pics are gorgeous. My brother and Bill stay at that spot that is on the dock. It is so great. Love you guys!

    1. Angela, thanks so much for looking at the pictures :) It was a great time. As always, your brother and Bill have great taste! We love you too!