Friday, March 23, 2012

Tar Poop Diapers: The Bet

My husband and I partake in a football (American football, to be clear) pool every season. It is quite fun. Of course, it becomes rather competitive between the two of us. My husband bets more on his gut and football knowledge, and I go more on stats (who would have guessed?) and other silly things (like who is at home, streaks, etc). This pool makes football ten times more exciting to watch. It also makes my husband fun to watch. He gets all worked up, screaming, running around the house (no, I'm not kidding), pulling his hair (no, I'm not kidding here either), and needing to go outside to calm down in the cold winter air. He really wants to win. Poor thing (love you!! haha). 

When we started the season, we decided to make a bet based on total wins for the year. We knew that we were pregnant at the time, so what better wager than the tar-poop diapers??? We agreed that the loser would have to change the tar poop diapers when the baby arrived. We have heard that these are the worst diapers that a parent will face. The diaper that will make or break a first-time parent. The stuff of legend.

So in case you didn't guess (based on our results from the prior year), I won the bet. Sean wins the tar poop diapers! We are just so excited about this! This is line number 14 in the birth plan! Woo hoo! Stay tuned, we'll be sure to let you know how this goes!

Note: This is all in jest of course. We understand that the nurses may change the first diaper. I might be too tired in the hours right after birth, so I may not have been able to do it if I lost. Oh, and I know that when we have our baby that neither of us will mind changing a yucky diaper. Yes, I know. 

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  1. I found that the tar poop diapers were the easiest to change because they came right off the bum with little effort and being they are so small there wasnt much there to clean. You should have bet him the yellow seedy diapers. Man I hate those ones! lol

    your sis