Saturday, April 28, 2012

The 35/35 Milestone

Today we hit a good milestone. We are 35 weeks along, and have 35 days left until the due date! 

We had our last ultrasound on Thursday, which was great! 

I have been carrying the baby a little differently in the last week and a half, so I thought the baby had moved. I could also feel different parts of the baby pushing me around, which also got my hopes up. Well, at the appointment, we found out that the baby's head is down! I was so relieved, and I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I now know that I don't have to worry about trying to spin the baby into place. I was worried about the baby being stuck in a breech position, which may end up forcing us into a c-section. Good news! 

The baby is growing perfectly, but I can't give any numbers on here (there are family and friends in a pool). Let's just say that things are going very well! Oh, and the baby has lots of hair! It was cute! For whatever reason, I thought the baby would barely have any hair coming out (probably because my hair is so thin). The baby was being very shy, and rolling from side to side, trying to get away from the probe. Shy little munchkin, just like mommy. 

Oh, and my weight gain is going very well! My goal was 30 pounds, to be healthy for my initial weight. So far I have gained 25.8 pounds, and I can expect to gain 1 pound per week (according to the books). Looks like I may just come out one pound over my goal by our due date! 

Sean and I have done some more work to prepare for the baby (I will be posting some nursery pictures in the next few days). The car seat is even in my car! We feel that we're almost ready now. We will be packing our hospital bag this week, and then we will be all set! We wanted to be "ready" 4 weeks before our due date. Hopefully we'll be able to do it! 

Can't wait for our little munchkin! 

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