Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Baby: Their Mother's Child

My oh my, this baby already knows what he/she wants. It's hilarious. The best part is that the baby is already telling me what he/she wants... and getting it.

This started a few weeks ago (around week 31) and hasn't stopped. Well, I should say that I noticed it a few weeks ago, who knows how long it has been going on.

The first example relates to getting out of bed in the morning. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and want to lounge in bed, like on a Saturday when I want to sleep until 8 am instead of 7 am (my body doesn't let me sleep past then anymore). After about 45 minutes of tossing and turning, the baby literally kicks the side of my stomach that is on the mattress. It's like the baby is kicking the bed through my body to get me to move. There isn't any kicking on the other side (the "up" side), or in the front. Only where my body is touching the bed as if to say, "Get up! Get out of bed! Now!" This makes me giggle, and of course I give up on the hope of more sleep and get moving for the day.

The second example pertains to food. Of course. If I'm running around and not eating every 2 hours like I usually do, the baby lets me hear it. It's not normal kicks. It's more like angry attention-grabbing kicks saying, "Mommy! Feed me!" I equate it to crying I guess. So if I haven't eaten for about 4 hours, the baby gets upset and starts to bruise my insides. This is probably normal, but I love that I can link it to a cause (Yes, I'm a dork. My engineering background makes me love cause and effect relationships.) Oh, and if you're wondering... yes I eat ASAP when the baby reminds me that I'm late to eat. Plus, I'll start to get dizzy if I don't. Not so fun.

The third is perhaps the funniest. I have this one pair of maternity jeans that has a tight band at the top (most of mine are loose at the top). When I wear this specific pair of pants, the baby spends the day kicking at the tight waist band! Nowhere else on my belly, just at that specific area! I will move it up and down throughout the day, because it's not comfortable, and the kicks follow the waist band. Pretty funny. I try to avoid wearing those pants, but I only feel up to doing so much laundry in a week (and yes, I'm too cheap to buy more at this point).

The fourth is most frustrating to me. The baby will be kicking and rolling away, making my whole stomach move in a way that is very obvious to the eye. I want to record this, so that I have the memories for later. Also, so I can share with family and others that are interested! Anyway, as soon as the video camera comes on, the baby gets shy! No more movement. It's like the baby knows that a camera is around. It drives me nuts. How does this happen? Obviously the baby isn't psychic, but I really don't understand the coincidence! It cracks me up.

I told my husband about these things a few weeks ago. He laughed and said, "Sounds just like you!" I hadn't realized this, but yes! When I want to get out of bed (or off of the couch, etc) and get moving, I HATE laying/sitting there waiting. I have a lot of trouble doing absolutely nothing. Looks like the baby hates me laying around too! Hunger. Oh hunger. My poor husband. When I'm hungry, I let you know. I get dizzy (and cranky) if I don't eat often enough. My husband can usually wait hours to eat, and it doesn't phase him. Lucky him, right? So here we go again, another example. Another thing, I hate wearing tight clothes. I don't like being uncomfortable. If you don't believe me, ask my sisters (who think I need a total makeover). And finally, I'm shy. Super shy. I don't really like my picture being taken, I don't like attention at all. Yuck. I hope the baby will not be shy like me, but it doesn't look like we're starting off that way!!

So all in all, it looks like our baby will be their mother's child! Now, is this a good or a bad thing? Hey, be nice!

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