Thursday, July 19, 2012

Five Weeks

Max has been so good. Yesterday I brought him to lunch with seven other mommies, and their eight babies. We knew this would be a challenge going in, but the babies were so well behaved. Max was relaxed for the most part, and loved looking around at the new scenery. We even used a public changing table (eww, used my changing pad over it) for the first time.

I'm not as nervous now to take him out on my own now. I had been, but I guess a big day with the June Bugs (the group of women that I met online, all due in June) was what I needed to finally get me to try it.

Max hadn't enjoyed the car much before. He didn't like being stuck in the seat, and definitely didn't like sitting in traffic. I used a sneaky trick yesterday. Sean's CDs that I played for him while I was pregnant? Well just like when Max was still inside of me, his daddy's music calmed him right down. He listened the whole drive and just looked out the window. What a good baby!

This week Max has been a lot more vocal, and we have longer conversations than last week. He is awake during the day a lot more too, so we have more time to interact. He still loves to lay on my chest, which I love. We know each other a lot more now, and it is great. I love that he smiles when he sees me come to him. I can't wait to see what this next week will bring.

Oh, and Father Time? Can you please slow down? I don't want my time at home with Max to end. Thank you!

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