Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Little Things

I am completely in love with this little boy. Every day seems to fly by. I can't believe he's already 17 days old! I have ten weeks at home with him before I have to go back to work, and I feel like each day is slipping away far too quickly. I'm really going to miss this time at home with my son, but I know I need to go back to work. Sad, but true. Unless of course... maybe we'll hit the lottery??? 

Here's a list of some of the little things that I already know I will miss so much. 

When he nurses, Max loves to hold onto my thumb. When we were in the hospital, he kept falling asleep while nursing. I would wiggle my thumb and he would wake right up. It was our secret signal for him to stop sleeping on the job. By the way, he's got quite the grip! 

Max loves to have his feet rubbed. He stretches out his legs, and I'll rub his foot with my finger. He actually holds his foot out for this, and spreads his toes like a cat. It's adorable! I noticed him doing this his very first night with us. When he was in the womb, I would get a foot sticking out of my side all of the time. I would rub it and say "tickle tickle tickle." The foot would pull back in, and then come back out a second later. I would repeat. It was our little game. The first time he held his foot out for me to rub it, I started crying. Our little game, it traveled from womb to my arms! 

When I burp him, he always wants to face me. If I put him over my shoulder facing any other way, he fights and fights to move his body around to face me. He just loves to look up at me while he's on my shoulder. Sweet little boy. He also has this trick where he will push off of me and move himself over, little by little, to my right side and then quickly roll himself over so he's laying in my right arm. He's a smart little boy. Apparently that's his favorite spot to watch mommy from. 

I love the naps on my chest. Sometimes he won't sleep anywhere except my chest. I don't get much done during these days, but I'm loving every second of it. Listening to him breathe, hearing his little baby sighs, smelling his sweet baby breaths, and feeling him adjust himself every so often... these are the things that make me close my eyes and cherish my little boy. When Sean cuddles up with us, it's even better. Having my family all cuddled up for a nap is a wonderful feeling (even if mommy doesn't fall asleep) and I lay there just trying to absorb each beautiful breath they take.  

We have plenty of hang-out time in our bed. These are some of the best times with Max, when he's nice and alert before or after a good night's rest. He gets lots of face time with us, and I especially love watching him play with his daddy. I'm constantly fighting back tears of happiness, as I gush over my husband and son staring into each other's eyes. They goof around and mimic each other's expressions. It's completely adorable. They are completely in love with each other, and my heart melts when I see them look at each other the way they do. I treasure these lazy mornings and nights, moments I will remember forever. 


  1. My son used to hold his foot out for me to stroke too, those moments are so precious and in-bedded in my heart and memory to cherish forever.

  2. They are such beautiful moments, aren't they? We are blessed to have these times, and memories are great keepsakes!