Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Favorite Time of Day

There is no doubt about it. My favorite time of day is when Max and I have our chats.

Our first chat is after his first feeding of the day (usually 4:00 am) and it is so fun. He coos, and ahhs, and smiles for me. He is such a happy little boy, and it is so fun to talk with him. Even in the middle of the night we are chatting and giggling together.

He loves talking after diaper changes too. He loves stretching out on the changing pad and looking up at me with his smiles. It's never a quick change anymore, we always chat a little after. It's adorable.

There is fatigue, there is pain from breast feeding, there is skipping my own meals, all of the "not fun" things about being a new mom. But you know what? It is all worth our little conversations. And then some.

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