Thursday, July 5, 2012

Three Weeks Already?

Wow. It has already been three weeks?! I can't believe how quickly time is passing. I feel like Max has always been here, but I also feel that he is brand new in our lives. What an odd feeling. We're all so comfortable in our roles, and things seem to move so smoothly. It's like we have always been together. I love that feeling. I'm so grateful that we have all clicked together so well, and that we are enjoying each moment without stress. 

These past few days he has changed even more. He now smiles when we talk to him in the morning, and when I blow raspberries on his chest. It's adorable. I first noticed that he smiled as a reaction to me yesterday morning, and I was sad that Sean didn't see it too. This morning he smiled for daddy, so all is fair in the universe again. These smiles are absolutely adorable! He's quite the handsome little boy. 

Max has been making the "ahhh" noise since this weekend. He does this when we talk to him, he's starting to talk with us! It's quite fun to try to get his reaction when we talk to him. He's making all kinds of noises. 

He's been great at looking at us and following us with his eyes since we first met him, but now we notice him following other things also. He will stare at a lamp, and if we move his body his eyes will still follow the lamp. He loves staring at dark objects against a lightly painted wall. 

We brought him to the doctor today, for a regular check-up. He already weighs 10 pounds 13 ounces! That's 14 ounces he has gained since birth, so he's doing great! The cluster feeding is paying off apparently. Eating every hour (during the day) for three days this week was interesting, but he took it easy at night. He has been sleeping about three hours at a time when he naps or sleeps at night, and last night he actually slept five hours straight! 

The doctor says that Max looks great. We asked him about Max's vomiting, poor little guy. He gets really sick about once a day, but that's apparently normal for little babies. I just hate when it happens, because the poor little guy looks so scared! I have found some tips to help with it, and it has been getting better. He got sick yesterday for the first time in days. The doctor said to just keep doing what we're doing, and it should go away eventually. We don't want to give him medicine for it if we don't have to, but it looks like he has reflux. 

One thing that I can't stand right now, Max had his tears start. I hate when he cries! This started on Tuesday morning, when he woke up at 3am to be fed. Oh I hate when he cries now! I really do. Seeing those tears flowing down his face absolutely tears me apart. I can't imagine when he gets older and falls down and skins his knee. Poor little guy. His mommy is going to be such a wimp about this! He will be getting shots at his next appointment (gulp!), and I am terrified of this! Maybe I will fake I'm sick, and make Sean take him without me? Just kidding! But really, when he cries from the shots it will be so hard for me. Poor little guy. 

Max still loves to cuddle and sleep on our chests. We love this of course! Between the cluster feeding and needing to sleep on my chest, I haven't gotten off of the couch much lately (thus blogging from my phone, because I can't use the laptop in that position). I don't mind this at all! Bonding with our baby is the best part of our lives, and we are enjoying every second of it. I can't believe three weeks of this has already passed us by! 

Max and mommy, cuddle time

Oh, and I don't want to forget to mention the seagull call. This was something I noticed his first day, when he was being held by visitors. If he can't see me, he does a seagull call when he's hungry. He still does it if he's laying down or if daddy is holding him. I like the seagull call, because he does it a few minutes BEFORE he starts crying, which is ideal! I know to grab him and start feeding him before he gets upset. I really love that we have this little communication (see my previous post about the baby communicating with me while still inside!). I prefer a baby seagull call over crying (especially with tears!) any day. Plus, it's the cutest little noise in the world. 

Before Max came, we had been planning to wait three to four weeks before introducing an artificial nipple to the baby in order to avoid nipple confusion. Now that we have hit three weeks, and we are pretty good with the breast feeding (see my previous post to hear more on that), it looks like daddy may be giving him his first bottle of breast milk soon! I'm not going to lie, I'm looking forward to this. I feel selfish when I feed him sometimes, because I'm the only one that can. I look forward to watching Sean feed Max, and seeing their new bonding experience. I can't wait to sit and cherish that moment, and of course to snap pictures. We haven't given him a pacifier yet, but we are thinking about it. We have plenty, but we aren't sure if we want to do this. He doesn't seem to need it yet, but you never know! We will figure it out, like everything else. 

All in all, we have a happy and healthy boy. He's adorable. We love him to death. Awake or asleep, crying or smiling, we are enjoying every moment we have together! 

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