Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eleven Weeks

Well, it has been eleven weeks now since we met our little boy. It seems like he has been here for so long, our little family fits together so well. It certainly feels longer than eleven weeks, but it is still flying by too fast!

Max started daycare this week, and he seems to love it so far. We are happy with the daycare, and everyone there is awesome so far. The daily pictures are the best!

Max playing at daycare, he loves swatting at things hanging above him!

Max spends more and more time talking, he is quite the chatterbox. He talks to us, his toys, his book, lights, everything! He has been looking at cameras/phones to have his picture taken for weeks. To be honest, it's kind of scary!

playing and talking with daddy!

His neck control is a lot better. He is doing a great job of holding up his head while sitting, and he loves looking around the room. He still doesn't like tummy time at all, but he is getting better. When he plays on his back, he wiggles around a lot. Sometimes he rolls onto his side and lays there to look around. He gets bored and then rolls back onto his back. He does this a lot when he's playing in his Kick and Play Piano Gym (picture below). It's adorable!

loving his kick and play piano gym

His hands are always in his mouth, he just loves sucking on them. His hands are holding onto his feet more too! He may not know what those weird things are, but he likes to grab them!

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