Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nine Weeks

I know this might be getting old, but... Wow! It has been nine weeks already!? Every week that we hit, I can't believe time has passed that quickly. I fall more in love with this little boy each day. 

One of the activities Max does each day is lay in his play pen and swat at the soft toys hanging above him. He talks to them, smiles, laughs, has an overall blast. Well this Sunday (8/12/12) he actually grabbed onto a ring on the monkey and wouldn't let go of it! He didn't really know what he was doing, but it was a great milestone to watch happen (and of course I got a picture). He kind of stared at the monkey with a curious look, and kept on swatting away with his other hand. After a couple of minutes he let go, and went back to business and swatted at that monkey some more. 

Max holding on to the monkey's ring for the first time!

Since that first grab, I have seen him do it a few more times. He grabs onto the monkey at least once a day, and also the hanging toys on his play gym. He still loves that play gym! He's not really laying flat on his back and kicking now though, he's more interested in rolling back and forth on his sides. He kicks once in a while, but not as frequently. He used to jam his feet so fast that the keys didn't have a chance to play their music! 

Max grabbing onto the rings in his play gym

Speaking of rolling, he rolled over Sunday night! Our little guy does NOT like tummy time at all. He gets so frustrated and screams as he scoots forward with his legs. He doesn't seem to understand that he can push himself up with his arms when he's on the floor, but he has no problem doing that when we lay him on our chests. We were laying with him in our bed having play time before sleep, and Sean put him on his belly. Max was screaming and pushing himself onto his side, and teetered back and forth until he finally got himself onto his back! He had huge smiles and giggles when he succeeded! It was awesome. He had been so frustrated and screaming, but so happy once he finally figured it out. Granted, the bed was on a slight tilt where he way laying, but we'll take it! I can't wait to see him do it on the floor next! 

Max looking at daddy after he rolled over

Max doesn't really like mommy reading him baby books yet. He gets really bored looking at the pages as I read, and he just wants to turn around and look at me. Based on the toys and things he stares at the most lately, I thought that the colors on the pages weren't contrasting enough for his liking. I went hunting for a black and white picture book (Target trip with Hannah!!!) and couldn't find anything. I have seen black and white picture books online, which spread out along the side of the crib or floor for the baby to look at. I am not interested in buying things before trying them out with Max (I don't like wasting money), so I wanted to show it to him in person first before making the purchase. Wouldn't you know, Sean's Aunt Barbara visited us Sunday and brought exactly what I was looking for! Max loves it! He stares at each picture, talks to it and smiles, and then moves his eyes to the next one. He looks down the whole row and starts to the left again. It's so fun to watch. Perfect gift for a curious little boy! I usually have it spread out on top of the back of the couch, so he can look at it while he sits on my lap or lays on my shoulder (this is great for burping him, because lately he wants to sit up with very little assistance instead of get burped). I take it down and show it to him like a book from time to time, telling him what the picture are and such. He has no problem "reading a book" with mommy that way! 

Max napping on his Great Aunt Barbara's shoulder

Unfortunately, I'm crushed today. Today is the start of my last week at home full time with my little guy. I always thought that I would be chomping at the bit, just dying to get back to work once I had the baby. I always thought that I was the working mom type, and that having my baby in daycare would be great for socializing him/her and allowing us (Sean and I) to work and provide for our family. Having Max has really opened my eyes. I love being home with him. I love watching how he changes every day, and being with him all of the time. I miss him when he's taking a nap, never mind if I'm an hour away at work. This will be tough. I know that I'll see him every night and morning, and have the weekends with him. I know it's not like he's going away for good, but still. I will miss him a lot while I'm at work. It's too bad that money doesn't just grow on trees, right? I'm glad that we found a daycare that we love, and feel completely comfortable with. That makes the transition a lot easier. I don't look forward to the first drop off though. I already know I will be a mess! 

Well, back to Max. I'm trying to get in as many cuddles and kisses as I can these days! 

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