Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Top Ten

Today Max is ten weeks old. Today I went back to work. Big day for all of us. I figured I would celebrate the events by writing a Top Ten list (in no particular order) of things I will miss about being home full time with Max.

1. Chatting with him whenever he woke up from a little cat nap.
2. Breast feeding every hour while he is awake, all day long.
3. Laying on his quilt together playing.
4. His naps on my chest.
5. His wiggling into his favorite positions until he was comfy.
6. Watching him look around and smile at objects around him.
7. Hanging out in the back yard, especially laying in the hammock watching the sky.
8. Kissing and hugging him whenever I wanted.
9. Giving him little foot rubs when he stuck his feet out for one.
10. Being able to focus on him, and only him.

Having these ten weeks with our baby was amazing. I wouldn't change anything. The many hours we had together as a family focusing on nothing but each other were amazing. I will treasure this time forever.

Leaving him is hard. Coming home to him softens my heart right back to normal.

Finally home with Max after my first day back at work

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