Thursday, September 6, 2012

Twelve Weeks

Today Max is twelve weeks old. Wow. I’ll skip the “it’s going by too fast” and “I can’t believe it” stuff, but you can fake I said that. It’s all true.

Max has seemed to take to daycare really well. He’s been going for two weeks now, and he seems to love it. When I see him smile at his teachers, I just know that he’s fine. I’m now used to the whole dropoff/pickup routine and prepping for everything the night before. It’s all part of the routine now, and it feels good. I still wish I didn’t have to go back to work, and I still want to stay with him, but it’s getting easier.

This last week, Max has been clearer about wanting to do certain things. He turns his head and stares at his play mat until we lay him on it. Or he’ll turn and stare at his playpen until we put him in there. He has toys in each and he has a blast learning how to reach and grab in there. He’ll be very quiet and stare, and then we’ll put him in and he’ll get all happy and smile and shriek. It’s adorable!

The hands are always in the mouth! This has been going on for a few weeks, but this week it seems to be more frequent. He is now able to just pick one finger (or thumb) to suck on, and he’s moving his arms very deliberately. He even gets a finger up his nose once in a while!

Max is grabbing his feet more often, and starting to hold them for a longer time. He thinks it’s hilarious to do this while I’m trying to change his diaper! He just giggles and wiggles with glee when I tease him about it. He’s so proud that he can do it. It definitely makes diaper changes more challenging.

We had a great long weekend with him. We did a lot of traveling, and he hates the car seat, but he was such a good baby when he got out of the car seat. He likes to move around and play, he’s never content just lying there (unless he’s tired). Sitting in a car seat, all strapped in, is just not something he enjoys. Then you factor in the side that he’s trying to sit himself up now when he’s in a seat or swing, and you can see why he wouldn’t like it. Poor little guy. Hopefully in time he will get used to it. I hate seeing him cry in the seat, especially when we’re an hour from home!

He’s getting so strong. He always wants to sit up on his own. I just hold his wrists now most of the time, and he balances himself and pulls on his arms to adjust when he needs to. He gets so happy and hold his head so high when he sits. When I burp him, he’s always trying to stand up. Sometimes I loosely hold him, letting him carry his own weight on his feet. He pushes and looks around, like he doesn’t know what he’s doing! It’s so exciting to watch.

And once again... I love this little boy.
beautiful sleeping baby

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