Friday, October 19, 2012

Eighteen Weeks

This week has been interesting. We think he may either be feeling his tongue out, or maybe he can feel teeth coming through. Whatever the reason, this week he is rubbing his tongue along the front of his bottom gums a lot. Like all of the time! It's so funny. He's not blowing raspberries as much, because he's busy with this.

He's getting more persistent about standing when being held or burped. His legs are getting so strong!

Tummy time is getting better every week. He's getting stronger and looking up and around much more. I still sneak in extra time with the airplane trick though. I put him in the football hold, face down, quite often to walk around and swing him back and forth like he's flying. He laughs and giggles, and is working his neck muscles without even knowing it. Sneaky mommy!

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