Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nineteen Weeks

The poor little boy was sick this week. He had a cold starting Friday, and it didn't go away like we hoped. Yesterday his eye was all yucky when I woke him up, and knew right away what it was. I brought him to the doctor to find out that not only did he have a cold and pink eye, he also had an ear infection!! The poor thing must have been in so much pain, but he was still a sweet little boy. He's taking medicine now, and hopefully he will feel brand new again soon!

We spent the weekend at home because he was sick, but it was beautiful out. Sunday we hung out for a while in the hammock, and I snapped this picture. That's our handsome little guy!

He's getting stronger by the day. He plays a new game now, he likes to try to dive out of your arms to get to things he wants. You have to hold him tight, little monster. He's getting better at sitting up, he barely needs help. He can sit up on his own for a good thirty seconds now before he slumps a little. He love it, and he gets so proud when he's sitting up!

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