Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sixteen Weeks

This little guy isn't so little any more! He's almost 17 pounds now, and if I'm not careful when I pick him up... Yup! Ouch! He's still not big enough to comfortably sit on my hip, he's still hanging out on the shoulder. Which is good, it means he's still our little baby.

He's had hit or miss nights with the sleeping lately, but mostly he's sleeping well. We think he's teething, and that's probably related to waking up. Poor thing.

Another thing that's new this week, he's become more clingy than he had been in weeks. He usually sits in his bouncy chair and watches me make dinner while I talk to him, but now he wants to be held. He doesn't want to fall asleep in his bed alone, he wants to cuddle with me until he falls asleep. I am LOVING the baby cuddles.

He's become pretty sturdy with sitting up. Not a freestanding sitting position of course, but a sturdy lean. He is putting his hands on his knees or feet to hold himself up, and he's doing we'll with that. He loves feeling all independent with it, which is adorable. He's also been practicing his standing.

The superman game is our game of the week. We have been doing it for a few weeks now, but he is now laughing his head off when we play. I started this game to sneak some tummy time in, and it works well. He's having a ball, and doesn't even realize that he's working on his neck and arm muscles. It's also great for mommy's stomach and leg muscles! Triple duty game! What I do is sit up and lean him against my shins. Then I slowly lay down and bring my legs to a 90 degree angle, so that he is laying parallel to the floor. I say "weeee" as I move my legs from side to side, and front to back. I safely hold him up there the whole time as well, of course. It's a great game!

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