Thursday, November 29, 2012

Twenty Four Weeks

Max has been a happy and healthy boy this week! We've noticed that he has so much more personality lately, and it's definitely because he's feeling better. He's talking (baby talk, but still) more, he's always smiling, and he's moving around a lot. It's great to see him like this. Don't get me wrong, he has a great temperament even when he's not feeling well. He just takes it up a notch when he's feeling well.

He's getting better with the hiding games, or the start to peek-a-boo. While I'm holding Max, his daddy likes to jump from one side of me to the other and get him to laugh. Max loves it! He giggles and kicks, and of course his little squeal. When Sean disappears behind my back, Max will look to the side that he knows daddy will appear from. It's hysterical. It's so cute watching them play. Sometimes Sean will actually run from one room to the other to do this, running around the interior of the house to appear from a different room. Max doesn't love that one as much (probably because he doesn't have that much patience yet, being a baby and all), but he still giggles for daddy.

When he's laying in his Pack and Play, I will hide under the edge and talk to him. He starts breathing fast and getting all excited, and then I'll pop over the edge and say "peek-a-boo" and he giggles so hard. His belly laughs are the best. Sometimes he doesn't want to lay on the changing table. I'll put a shirt or burp cloth over his face and say "Where is Max?!" and he'll pull it off and look at me with a huge smile. I'll say "peek-a-boo" and he giggles all over again. This trick is quite handy when trying to change the diaper of an energetic gremlin who just does not want to lay down. Now he's actually putting cloth over his face and pulling it off to make that face. He loves it AND he's a quick learner. (Note: This also means we have to be careful about blankets and other cloth when he's playing or sleeping.)

Our little monster is officially rolling! He has been rolling from back to front for months. He started rolling front to back recently, and now he can do a full roll. He gets SO proud of himself when he does it! When he rolls from his back to his belly, he'll prop himself up on his arms and look up at you with a huge grin. We'll give him praise for doing a good job, and he'll giggle.

We usually let him hang out in the bouncy seat while we are cooking or doing dishes. He can play with his toys (aka eat them) while we talk or sing to him. Now that he's getting so much better at sitting up, we have started him in the high chair. He loves being able to sit up in that thing! We put some of his toys on the tray, and he plays and plays. Of course he will throw something on the floor every couple of minutes, but that's what babies do. Sometimes I think he does it so we'll come over and kiss him when we hand the toy back to him.

Oh! An update from a couple of weeks ago! This past weekend, my mother-in-law gave me a portable light to put in the back seat for Max. I used it today driving home from daycare (dark out) and he was content the whole time! He just played with his toys back there, and didn't fuss at all. What a life saver! Thanks again, Jane!

Dixie reaching up for Max to rub her head

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