Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Twenty One Weeks

I'm not sure why this didn't post on November 8th, but we can try this again. The blogger app may have had an issue that day. 

Our little monkey still has a cold. He now has a pretty bad cough, and the doctor said it's completely normal. Having to be sick is no fun for him, and he is adjusting to these new coughs. The doctor told us that we can expect him to have one cold per month this winter, because he is in daycare. He said that the colds will usually last a week. Let's hope this one passes quickly! 

It seems that he knows his name now! Sean will say "Max!" and he will turn right around and smile. He responds to his name more than "hey" or other words, that's why we think he knows his name. 

He's getting a lot better at sitting up, and he's much more sturdy now. He is also getting more sturdy with standing, he still only does that for a few seconds at a time though. 

This week we retired his baby tub, which we had been using on the kitchen counter. He's now taking his baths in the sink, sitting in a bath seat. He loves it! He's in more of a seated position, and I let the water shower over him for the whole bath. He loves playing with his hands in the water as it's falling, and he loves having it aimed as his belly so that he can reach it. We still "listen to Franky" (Frank Sinatra) during his baths, it's nice and calming. It's a lot easier to give him baths this way, much less cleanup. It's a win-win for all of us! 

This week my back has officially started hurting. I figured it would happen eventually, with the weight restrictions I have when it comes to lifting, but I wish it didn't happen so soon. Picking up the little boy hurts a lot, and I'm having trouble walking. Each day it's been bad, but not getting worse. That may be a good thing. I can deal with the pain, I'm just nervous that it will get worse as he gets heavier. Which logically will happen. 

Here's a picture of our little sleeping monster. 

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