Thursday, November 22, 2012

Twenty Three Weeks

The cold is finally gone!! He is a healthy boy again! We hated seeing him sick, so we are very relieved that he is all better.

This past week has been all about Dixie. That's our cat. She's known to be a mean cat, but not to Sean and I. She usually keeps to herself, and wants a little love once in a while. I honestly wasn't worried about having a baby with her in the house.

He's been staring at her lately, which you probably read last week. But Friday he actually pet her for the first time! He and I were hanging out in the front yard. I was helping him stand on the ground, and she walked up to him. Max put his arms out, and she rubbed herself into his hands. Then she walked back and forth, so his hands were petting her as she passed. He was kicking his legs and getting all excited!!

Every day since, they have had some play time. They're becoming fast friends! I'm excited to watch this develop.

(Sorry for the dark photos)

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