Thursday, November 1, 2012

Twenty Weeks

This has been a great week. Our little buddy is feeling a lot better! He doesn't alway love his medicine, but it is helping and he's a much happier boy.

We don't know if it's due to his medicine kicking in (it probably is), but Max is back to sleeping five to six hours straight at night. The four month wakeful period may just be ending though :) he's slept better since Saturday. He was waking up every couple of hours for weeks, and we know he didn't have the ear infection at that time (4 month check up with doctor would have caught it). Either way, he's sleeping longer spells again.

He's getting even more strong! Last week he could sit up for a few seconds on his own. Now it's even longer. When he gets tired, he leans forward on his arms. He loves it, and loves to just sit and look around.

He's standing!!! He loves standing up. Now I am just holding his fingers to hold him steady. When he stands up, he gets the biggest smile and be looks oh so proud of himself. It's freaking adorable!!

He's been rolling from back to belly for a couple of months, but he always got stuck once he got on his belly. He's definitely trying to roll off of his belly now. He's also on his way to crawling. He gets his butt up in the air, and is on his knees. He is just working on the arms now. He's getting there!!

A couple of my sisters and I went toget our kids' pictures taken together. Costumes included. Super cute. Can't wait for the prints. Max fell asleep waiting for our turn, and here is a picture of my sleeping baby. He woke up a little bit for the pictures, but he was still too sleepy to sit up. Poor little boy, waking him up like a mean mommy!

He got dressed up for Halloween and helped hand out candy. Here are a couple of pictures for you to enjoy. One with mommy, and one with daddy. He was definitely the cutest raccoon I've ever seen!

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