Sunday, December 16, 2012

Six Months Old

Six months!!! That's half of a year! Insane!!

I would like to give updates on the two things that I'm asked about the most. Breast feeding and cloth diapers.

Breast feeding is still going very well. The little monster is getting big and strong, and we aren't having any issues. I'm pumping more than he consumes during work, so that's always a good sign. We've made it to six months breast feeding, which was my initial goal. I said that when I hit six months, I would aim for a year. So that's my next goal. One full year. In the beginning that sounded daunting, yes. Now? It sounds so quick. I stop and think, how am I going to give this up? I love the closeness with my baby. I love that I'm doing something good for him. I love the convenience.

Cloth diapering is going well too! We use two types of cloth diapers now. We use the gDiapers (which I've raved about), but we also use Alvas now. Daycare was treating each gDiaper like a single use unit (which I understand), so it was going to be a waste to use those at daycare. I just couldn't justify having 12 shells a day, it would be too much money. We bought some Alvas for daycare, which are very cheap. They're $5 each, and they work well. I had planned to use American-made diapers, but I had to look at the numbers. So he's in gDiapers at home, and Alvas at daycare. We don't always stick to that though, sometimes (ie laundry day) we will send him with gDiapers to daycare or use Alvas at home. Either way, we're using cloth.

I've experimented with using cloth diapers for night time. Max sleeps five hour stretches, so that's a lot to ask of a cloth diaper. We would go four nights without even a leak, but then the fifth night would be bad. I'd wake up and find him soaked. I just can't do that to my baby, so we've been using disposables at night. Every month or so I try something different, and I'm looking for new ideas if you have suggestions!

Max hasn't eaten anything except breast milk so far! It sounds pretty crazy. We're planning to start him on solids now though. He hit the six month point, which is part of what we wanted to wait for. He has also started reaching for our food. That's usually a great sign that they're ready. He's able to sit up on his own, and that's a big piece for safety. Overall, we're ready. I'm all excited to start making baby food!

Sitting up straight on his six month birthday!

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