Thursday, December 27, 2012

Twenty Eight Weeks

This week was big! Max started food on Christmas eve! He loved having his rice cereal. He ate it all up, and kept hitting his high chair table for more, he was very excited! I took video the whole time, and snapped some pictures. He loves the camera, he spent most of the time just staring into the camera as he ate. He's going to be trouble!

Max loved opening up his Christmas gifts. We had him start opening them on Christmas Eve, and he had a blast with the wrapping paper. We stopped when he got bored with unwrapping, and saved the rest. We will have him open a few a day until he gets bored. We like letting him have fun opening them, there would be no point in us opening them for him. Introducing his new toys in smaller groups, rather than all at once, will hopefully help him familiarize himself with them rather than get overstimulated and distracted. He's having fun!

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