Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thirty Three Weeks

Max is now pushing himself backwards, and fast! This week I watched him push himself backwards in a circle, until one of his feet hit the bookshelf. He's getting quick with it, and of course frustrated when he gets stuck.

He now likes to lean his body or turn his neck to look around corners or around objects. He's understanding that you're behind something now, not just disappearing. It's adorable to watch him search for us.

He has started to turn his body and pull his mirror up when he's playing piano. Kissing the baby in the mirror is so fun for him! It's a nice break for his hands, with all of that beautiful piano playing.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thirty Two Weeks

Standing!!! He's all about standing this week. He loves holding on to the back of the couch and standing there while we sit with him. Or standing in my lap. Oh, and standing in his pack and play. He's having a blast.

This past Friday, he started making a new face. It's an adorable baby scowl. He just randomly did it, we died laughing, and now it's his favorite face! He does it and breathes loudly through his nose. Its so silky and cute!

We started him on there servings of rice cereal this week. The pediatrician suggested that he eat three servings of rice cereal a day for a while and then introduce veggies. So we are on our way! He loves it. He gets so excited when he sees one of his bowls coming in his direction. He's getting better with his sippy cups too, he seems to love water (he always tries to suck the wash cloths during baths too). Hopefully he will always love it.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thirty One Weeks

Our silly baby is now thirty one weeks old. Already?!

Max has been doing a silly pant for a couple of weeks when he finds something funny. He does it with a cute smile, and its so silly! The last few days the pant has changed to heavy breathing through his nose, accompanied by his huge smiles. He's hilarious! He just loves doing it, and making us laugh with his silly noises.

He's definitely pulling himself up on things, not just pulling up on me anymore. Time to start baby proofing the house! He's on the move, scooching (yes, that's now an official word) little by little. Turning slowly in circles is just a walk in the park now. He's getting pretty good with this stuff. The trouble is beginning. I was folding laundry this weekend and looked down to see that he has scooched himself over to the side of the bookshelf and was sucking on it! Crazy baby! I didn't realize he could move so fast. Now I know better than to trust him. That sneaky rugrat.

He had his second trip in a grocery cart yesterday. He loves looking around at everything and getting all excited. He keeps wanting to face forward to see what's coming, eager beaver. He was getting the attention of almost every person that walked by. He's such a ham. Oh, be warned. Babies love to try to eat those cup holder features on the cart. My cart cover didn't cover that, so that was quite the challenge once he discovered it. No toys would distract him. That was THE BEST THING EVER for a good there minutes. We had fun wrestling over it as we walked around. Yes, that was me, the crazy mom laughing her head off and talking to her baby in the freezer section.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Seven Months Old

Max turned seven months old yesterday! I didn't post yesterday because he had his flu shot booster and wasn't acting like himself. Mommy was more focused on keeping him happy.

He's been doing very well! He's very close to crawling now, and it's making us so nervous! He's motivated to move, he's just trying to get down the logistics of it.

Max is still sleeping in our room at night. I tried to have him sleep in his room last weekend, but it didn't last long. We are going to keep trying. It's tough to leave him in his room at night when he's having trouble teething. Poor little guy.

He started signing back to me this weekend!! I'm very excited. I started signing "milk" a few weeks ago, and he signed it to me Saturday. I thought I was imagining things, and that it was a fluke. But then he kept doing it Sunday as well! I really can't explain how fun this is. It's a lot easier to feed him when he tells me he's hungry, rather than wait until he starts acting fussy or whatnot. Plus, I love that he's feeling empowered with this new skill. He signs milk, we get in position to eat, and he seems so happy before he starts eating. It's great!

Breast feeding is still going very well, my supply is strong and he's still happy with it. He's enjoying the rice cereal (mixed with breast milk) also. We are currently feeding him rice cereal twice a day, and will be going up to three times a day once his belly is more used to it. I have a milk blister right now, my first one, and hopefully I'll be clear of that very soon! I've had some issues with breast feeding, but overall I love it so much. I would definitely take this path if I knew these things would happen.

Cloth diapering is going very well also. I even started using cloth wipes (part time) this past weekend, and I've enjoyed that so far. I love all of the different patterns for the diapers, and I'm sure that he will too. I'm sure that he'll love the patterns this summer when he's not wearing pants as often.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thirty Weeks

Max is on the move! He's rolling himself around more and more each day. He's pulling himself up on me every day. Oh, and now he's turning himself when he's sitting. I haven't seen him turn her, but Sean has. I will put him with his toys and look back thirty seconds later and he has turned 90 degrees! Little monster.
He doesn't seem to want to crawl yet. He gets frustrated when he tries, of course. He's getting stronger in the crawl position, so it will be soon!

He's getting two servings of rice cereal now. One in the morning and some at night. We are waiting until he's not spitting up too much after meals before going to three servings a day. He still loves it though!
He's getting better with saying his consonants. Bababa, gagaga, and dadada are still his favorites!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Twenty Nine Weeks

More teeth must be coming! Poor Max has been having a lot of trouble sleeping this week. His teeth seem to be bothering him a lot more during the day as well. He's also going through a growth spurt. That's a lot for one little guy! We are lucky that he has such a great temperament, or he would be a grumpy bum.

He has gotten a lot stronger with his legs. Before, he loved to stand. Now, he likes bouncing or wiggling while he stands. He's all about flexing his leg muscles. So Monday night, he was sitting in my lap facing me. We were goofing around, trying to burn energy before story time. The little monster grabbed my shirt and pushed his legs, pulling himself into a standing position! No! He needs to stop growing up so fast!

Max stayed up (read: refused to go to sleep) New Year's Eve to see the ball drop with us. He had fun and got to socialize, it was great for us to give him a kiss at midnight. I'm glad he decided to stay up late. It made a great memory. He has started saying some consonants this week! Lots of gagaga, banana, and dadada! We are so excited! Sean loves hearing dadada. Its fun to see him making these noises and seeing his expression. Sometimes he looks like he's thinking, "was that me?" I love it! When Max is excited now, he will pant. Its the cutest thing! He s smiles and gets all excited and pants. Silly boy!