Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Seven Months Old

Max turned seven months old yesterday! I didn't post yesterday because he had his flu shot booster and wasn't acting like himself. Mommy was more focused on keeping him happy.

He's been doing very well! He's very close to crawling now, and it's making us so nervous! He's motivated to move, he's just trying to get down the logistics of it.

Max is still sleeping in our room at night. I tried to have him sleep in his room last weekend, but it didn't last long. We are going to keep trying. It's tough to leave him in his room at night when he's having trouble teething. Poor little guy.

He started signing back to me this weekend!! I'm very excited. I started signing "milk" a few weeks ago, and he signed it to me Saturday. I thought I was imagining things, and that it was a fluke. But then he kept doing it Sunday as well! I really can't explain how fun this is. It's a lot easier to feed him when he tells me he's hungry, rather than wait until he starts acting fussy or whatnot. Plus, I love that he's feeling empowered with this new skill. He signs milk, we get in position to eat, and he seems so happy before he starts eating. It's great!

Breast feeding is still going very well, my supply is strong and he's still happy with it. He's enjoying the rice cereal (mixed with breast milk) also. We are currently feeding him rice cereal twice a day, and will be going up to three times a day once his belly is more used to it. I have a milk blister right now, my first one, and hopefully I'll be clear of that very soon! I've had some issues with breast feeding, but overall I love it so much. I would definitely take this path if I knew these things would happen.

Cloth diapering is going very well also. I even started using cloth wipes (part time) this past weekend, and I've enjoyed that so far. I love all of the different patterns for the diapers, and I'm sure that he will too. I'm sure that he'll love the patterns this summer when he's not wearing pants as often.

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