Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thirty One Weeks

Our silly baby is now thirty one weeks old. Already?!

Max has been doing a silly pant for a couple of weeks when he finds something funny. He does it with a cute smile, and its so silly! The last few days the pant has changed to heavy breathing through his nose, accompanied by his huge smiles. He's hilarious! He just loves doing it, and making us laugh with his silly noises.

He's definitely pulling himself up on things, not just pulling up on me anymore. Time to start baby proofing the house! He's on the move, scooching (yes, that's now an official word) little by little. Turning slowly in circles is just a walk in the park now. He's getting pretty good with this stuff. The trouble is beginning. I was folding laundry this weekend and looked down to see that he has scooched himself over to the side of the bookshelf and was sucking on it! Crazy baby! I didn't realize he could move so fast. Now I know better than to trust him. That sneaky rugrat.

He had his second trip in a grocery cart yesterday. He loves looking around at everything and getting all excited. He keeps wanting to face forward to see what's coming, eager beaver. He was getting the attention of almost every person that walked by. He's such a ham. Oh, be warned. Babies love to try to eat those cup holder features on the cart. My cart cover didn't cover that, so that was quite the challenge once he discovered it. No toys would distract him. That was THE BEST THING EVER for a good there minutes. We had fun wrestling over it as we walked around. Yes, that was me, the crazy mom laughing her head off and talking to her baby in the freezer section.

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