Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thirty Two Weeks

Standing!!! He's all about standing this week. He loves holding on to the back of the couch and standing there while we sit with him. Or standing in my lap. Oh, and standing in his pack and play. He's having a blast.

This past Friday, he started making a new face. It's an adorable baby scowl. He just randomly did it, we died laughing, and now it's his favorite face! He does it and breathes loudly through his nose. Its so silky and cute!

We started him on there servings of rice cereal this week. The pediatrician suggested that he eat three servings of rice cereal a day for a while and then introduce veggies. So we are on our way! He loves it. He gets so excited when he sees one of his bowls coming in his direction. He's getting better with his sippy cups too, he seems to love water (he always tries to suck the wash cloths during baths too). Hopefully he will always love it.

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