Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thirty Weeks

Max is on the move! He's rolling himself around more and more each day. He's pulling himself up on me every day. Oh, and now he's turning himself when he's sitting. I haven't seen him turn her, but Sean has. I will put him with his toys and look back thirty seconds later and he has turned 90 degrees! Little monster.
He doesn't seem to want to crawl yet. He gets frustrated when he tries, of course. He's getting stronger in the crawl position, so it will be soon!

He's getting two servings of rice cereal now. One in the morning and some at night. We are waiting until he's not spitting up too much after meals before going to three servings a day. He still loves it though!
He's getting better with saying his consonants. Bababa, gagaga, and dadada are still his favorites!

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