Thursday, January 3, 2013

Twenty Nine Weeks

More teeth must be coming! Poor Max has been having a lot of trouble sleeping this week. His teeth seem to be bothering him a lot more during the day as well. He's also going through a growth spurt. That's a lot for one little guy! We are lucky that he has such a great temperament, or he would be a grumpy bum.

He has gotten a lot stronger with his legs. Before, he loved to stand. Now, he likes bouncing or wiggling while he stands. He's all about flexing his leg muscles. So Monday night, he was sitting in my lap facing me. We were goofing around, trying to burn energy before story time. The little monster grabbed my shirt and pushed his legs, pulling himself into a standing position! No! He needs to stop growing up so fast!

Max stayed up (read: refused to go to sleep) New Year's Eve to see the ball drop with us. He had fun and got to socialize, it was great for us to give him a kiss at midnight. I'm glad he decided to stay up late. It made a great memory. He has started saying some consonants this week! Lots of gagaga, banana, and dadada! We are so excited! Sean loves hearing dadada. Its fun to see him making these noises and seeing his expression. Sometimes he looks like he's thinking, "was that me?" I love it! When Max is excited now, he will pant. Its the cutest thing! He s smiles and gets all excited and pants. Silly boy!

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