Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thirty Seven Weeks

Things have been a little crazy this week, so I will try to start at the beginning.

Max tried avocado for the first time, and loved it! He's enjoyed it each time he's had it, which makes me very happy. His daddy hates it, but he can eat it with his mommy whenever he wants!

He's getting stronger and braver. He trying to pull himself up to standing, and he's so proud! He's even pushing himself up on short things, like his piano, to stand up. He's getting his legs completely straight, with his bum in the air, but he doesn't get all of the way up yet. He's trying!! Once in a while he will tip over and bump his head, which gets him all upset. But he's keeping at it.

Crawling is just so normal to him now. He's going back and forth, whenever he wants to get someplace different. He doesn't think about it at all, he just goes. He isn't chasing us into other rooms yet though. He is going through the phase where he cries if he can't see us. That's been going on a couple of weeks, so any day now he will be trying to chase me into the bathroom. Chase rather than cry? Sounds good to me!

I had surgery Monday morning to have my gall bladder removed. I am not supposed I pick Max up for at least a week, so daddy is doing a lot of the normal mommy stuff. Monday night I was trying to sit next to Max to read him his books, but he crawled over and put himself in my lap. I almost cried, it was so sweet. My little boy wanted story time sitting in my lap, like normal. He got what he wanted though, and I loved the cuddles.

It has been hard not being able to pick him up and do all of the things I'm used to. I'm lucky that I waited until now though. He's mobile enough to come to me, crawl into my lap, or pull up on me to give me hugs and kisses. It makes it a lot easier, and he still gets his love from mommy.

He is such a good little boy, and I'm so lucky to have him.

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