Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thirty Eight Weeks

Max read my mind Friday, and started doing things that I had just posted about him doing soon. I laughed when it happened, both times.

First, he started crawling into other rooms. He is trying to get into the bathroom, uh oh! He likes to sit on the floor and hit the door to the bathroom and the basement (right across from the bathroom). I think he likes the noise of hitting the door, as it's hollow and different. I'm sure he wants to get through the door too though! Here's a shot of him sitting in front of the bathroom door.

He of course started pulling himself up to standing also! I posted about this Friday, with several pictures to show the process. He was having a great time, and he is so proud when he stands up. He stands there, just hanging out, for a few minutes. Then he gets bored and wants to crawl around, but he doesn't know how to get down. So... Guess what? I saw him sit down from standing on Sunday night! That was fast! So now it's up and down, up and down. He's loving it. It's so fun to watch.

He's still enjoying his food! To keep him entertained, I put some Cheerios in a pill bottle for him to use as a rattle. I found that most rattles have so many nooks and crannies that it's tough to clean them. With this, I just give it a quick wash (VERY easy) after his meals. He has a blast throwing it around and making noise, and of course biting it. It's his new favorite toy.

Here's the happy boy playing with all of his toys! He love pulling the toys out of their totes, and bringing them all over the play area. It's more fun for him that way, than if the toys are just out and about. He really seems to enjoy pulling them out and discovering them all over again.

Story time!!! I took this picture after we finished reading Wednesday night. This is our reading material each night, and several of them are read a couple of times. I'm so happy that he loves reading so much! His current favorite is Snuggle Puppy, by Sandra Boynton (on top of the pile in this picture). He loves the singing parts, and he bends over and looks up at me every single time I sing the chorus. It's definitely the best moment of my day.

We had some fun play time this morning in the big bed. He woke up at 6am, so we were playing around and taking pictures. He still LOVES the camera! Here are a couple of my favorite shots.

I'm already excited to see what next week will bring! He's changing so much every week, it's hard to keep up!

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