Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thirty Nine Weeks

There has been lots of practicing with standing and sitting this week. He's getting more and more confident each day. He's even scooting along the furniture!

He got his walker Tuesday night, and he had to inspect it carefully:

He (obviously, because what baby wouldn't?) loved it and started walking behind it. I can't believe that he started walking behind it the first night he had it! He has one complaint... Daddy keeps slowing him down!!

He's really enjoying spending time with me while I clean up. Dishes, laundry, etc. So I let him "help" me do these things, and he has a blast laughing and looking up at me for praise. It makes chores a lot more fun!! Of course, he is unfolding my piles of laundry as he "helps" me. It is adorable, and he's so proud! Oh, and he loves playing the with the laundry basket once it is empty!!

We tried a new activity this weekend... Bubbles!!! He had a blast trying to catch them and pop them. As you can tell from his smile, he thought it was hilarious. It didn't take him long to figure out that the bubbles were coming from the plastic container in my hand, so we had to stop. He was so mad that I wouldn't give him the bottle! Next time I will try to see if he will take the wand and help me blow them, before he gets focused n the bottle. Wish me luck!!

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