Thursday, April 18, 2013

Forty Four Weeks

Max learned a new trick! My mother taught him to make Indian call noises. They were mimicking each other all afternoon Saturday, it was great! I love watching him learn new things.

I'm pretty sure he knows how to turn his walker now. It freaks me out that he can think through the steps to do this already. When he walks into an obstacle (wall, chair, etc.) he sits down and turns his body 90 degrees. Them he pulls the leg of the walker that is furthest from him, which turns the walker 90 degrees. Then he stands up and they take another stroll! It's crazy! I had to watch him a few times to believe that it wasn't just a fluke.

He's really into playing with a plastic red bowl this week. I had put it in a lower cupboard that he likes to open, so that he had an innocent item to pull out and play with. He's taking it everywhere now, and last night he played for fifteen minutes putting it on the rocking chair and having it slide off. He loved it! Crazy kid.

His first hair cut was this weekend!! His hair was getting far too long in the back and over his ears, so it needed to happen. He looks adorable (of course), but I can't believe how much older he looks! He had a lot of fun and he looked like such a good little boy during his hair cut!

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