Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Forty One Weeks

Max is getting so big and brave! He stands most of the time, and he has started to let go without noticing it. He will quickly grab onto something once he realized it, but it's fun to see that he can do it for a little while!

His favorite thing to do is dance! When he hears music he will start bouncing and smiling. He thinks it is a blast! And of course, he likes you to dance with him too. We are having a lot of fun with it!

The kitchen cabinet doors are his new toy!! We aren't child proofing a couple of the cabinet doors, we want to let him play in the safe ones. It keeps him entertained while we cook/clean, and helps him learn about new objects. He's opening and looking inside, over and over. He hasn't figured out how to hold it open enough I get inside, but I can tell it's coming! I was lucky enough to be there to see him pull the oven drawer open for the first time. He pulled it open, looked down, and this HUGE grin spread across his face. He seemed completely amazed that he had opened it to see what was inside. It was adorable.

I'm already curious about what he will discover next week!

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