Thursday, April 11, 2013

Forty Three Weeks

More teeth! Poor Max was teething again this week. His upper teeth are sticking out a little further, and he has some bottom ones coming in. Ouch!

Max is determined to get around as quickly as he can. He's constantly walking behind his walker, or pushing things to walk behind. He is getting really good with it, and he's so fun to watch. Proud and happy? Yes to both! His little faces are the best. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of bumps and scrapes too. His forehead is covered in bruises right now. He's tough though!

Speaking of his walker... He walks in a straight line with it, it doesn't really turn. So he will eventually (obviously) walk it right into a wall, chair, etc. Monday night he did the most amazing thing. He walked it into a chair and was stopped. He sat down, pulled one corner so that it turned 90 degrees, and then stood back up and kept walking. It was amazing!! I've seen him do this a few times since, and I'm blown away. He's already such a smart little monster.

Broccoli is his new favorite food. It seems like he has more fun with it than avocado, which I didn't think was possible. He is even getting it stuck on his eyelids! Te new foods are definitely fun. He tried chicken for the first time this week too, but he didn't seem too thrilled.

Apparently he's becoming very good at sharing. At daycare he has been bringing toys to the little girls in his class. They're too small to sit up or crawl, so he gives them their toys. Such a sweetie pie!

He had a great time helping daddy sign Uncle Tim's birthday card too! He's having a blast banging the crayons around.

One bad thing, he finally found the stairs and the cat food. He tried to eat her food, and of course yelled at me when I took it away. He wasn't interested in boring Cheerios, he was intent on eating cat food! He didn't get up the stairs, but he was sitting at the bottom with this ambitious look on his face. I already know what that face means. Trouble! Time to put up the gates!

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