Thursday, April 4, 2013

Forty Two Weeks

He's saying "mamamama" now!!! He's been using other syllables for a while (da, ba, and ga), but I'm so excited for this one! (Yes, I'm selfish.) I first heard it last night, and all of the hair on the back of my neck stood right up!! It's a crazy feeling of excitement, listening to something that sounds so much like mommy. We say it back to each other, it's fun!

Max is a man on a mission with his walker! He just goes and goes, and he is so focused as he walks! It's hilarious! We haven't seen him stand without holding anything yet, at least not fully. He will let go of things to turn from one to the other, so he's standing on his own for a split second. He's getting more confident every day though.

This week he figured out how to hold the cabinet doors open, and get the stuff out inside. He's quite excited about this. Also, pulling the cookie sheets out of the drawer under the oven is a fun time! He's loving the kitchen lately.

Peas were new this week, and he's loving them. He's feeding himself banana too, so he's feeding himself for two meals when we are picking things like that. He likes to feed himself, so it makes sense to give him fruit or veggies to feed himself, rather than just Cheerios or puffs. He enjoys meals a lot more when he's picking up his food.

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