Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fifty Weeks

It has begun!! He has started walking!! Last night he took three steps! He was playing with the dishwasher (his favorite thing to do while mommy does the dishes), and he was pushing the door up with me as I closed it. Then he let go and took three steps to my legs! He's so motivated! I love watching his happy smile when he's walking, like he can't believe what's happening. I know that kids start to walk around now, but it still seems so fast!

Another new thing... he's climbing off of furniture. Well, kind of. He likes to dangle his arms off of the couch and wiggle until his hands are touching the floor. Then he walks his hands forward on the floor until his knees are hanging off of the couch and he puts his knees on the floor one by one. He has a similar style with getting down from the bed, except he likes to do more of a somersault off of the bed. Scary, but he loves it. The carpet in our bedroom and the shorter height makes it a lot easier for him. He thinks it's hilarious to get down himself, and then run (well crawl) away.

He's really into peek-a-boo with paper towels! (Note: This is my way of tricking him into washing his face, which he does not enjoy.) After his meal, I wet a paper towel and wiggle it in the air until I drape it over his face. Then he sits there, wiggling his arms and legs and breathing heavily until I say, "Where is baby Max?!" two times. Not once, twice. He likes to build up to a huge climax. Then he pulls the cloth off and squeals with glee. It's adorable!! We do this about ten times in a row, which is about when he gets bored with it. Coincidentally, his face is usually clean by then as well. Perfect game for cleanup!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Forty Nine Weeks

Ahh!! He said mama!! Tuesday afternoon, I walked into the infant room at daycare. Max saw me and started crawling toward me immediately, and said mama! I couldn't help but smile a huge happy smile. The girls could totally tell it was the first time, and it was a great moment. 

Another big hit that night, he started signing milk back to me. He signed it when he wanted to nurse, and whenever I would say "milk" yay! So excited! 

He's a pro at waving now. Almost every time someone says "hi" or "bye," he will wave. I am loving it! 

His favorite thing to push around the house now is his rocking chair. He pushes it around the house in circles. Apparently his walker is old news, and he only uses it when he doesn't see his rocking chair. It's hilarious. He's always on the move!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Forty Eight Weeks

Max has learned a new trick! He's now helping to put things away. He's been observing and helping a little before, but he's doing it all on his own now. 

We were playing outside, and he was in the grass with his bucket of toys. He started putting all of the toys back in the bucket, and then put his hands on his hips to wait. Apparently that was my cue to do something else! Silly kid. It was so awesome, and I'm so proud! 

He's been playing with his alphabet magnets and loving it. He is moving them around, pulling them off of the fridge, biting them, and of course throwing them on the floor. He's having so much fun that he doesn't even realize how little he is holding things for support! He's just standing there playing, not even realizing it. So exciting. Oh, and he was actually putting the magnets back on the fridge to help mommy clean up. Think about that, it takes some skill to put a magnet back on a fridge. Such a smart little boy! 

Stacking!! He's stacking his toys now. He's getting the shapes from his shape sorter into stacks of two, sometimes three. He's getting really good at it, and I love that he doesn't get all frustrated. If they fall, he just tries again. No crying or screaming, just focus. 

I had a wonderful first Mother's Day. My boys brought me out for brunch, and we had a nice stroll through a beautiful part of Providence. It was an awesome day!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eleven Months

Max turned eleven months old yesterday! I still can't believe how fast time is going. I keep catching myself sitting there, staring at him, and wishing I could bottle these moments. I love this little boy so much that my heart just swells! 

For overall progress, things are still going very well with breast feeding. For about three weeks, I've been pumping double what he consumes. I was waiting until he turned eleven months to drop a pumping session at work. Eek! So I'm typing away right now while I take my only pump break at work. I will continue to pump driving to and from work, so that should cover his bottles at daycare. My goal is to make it to one year, and it looks like it will definitely happen. 

Max has been having so much fun at meal time. He's a pro with a sippy cup and he loves water! His favorite food right now is blueberries, he just loves them. He feeds himself at every meal, and he's really enjoying table food too. He gets so excited when he can eat what we are eating, not just the chopped up veggies that are especially for him. This weekend, at brunch (for Mother's Day, thanks again to my hubby!) Max was having a blast eating eggs and pancakes from his own little plate. He loves carbs, just like his mommy!

We are still cloth diapering, and that is still going well. There are is a little more work (spraying diapers) after the baby starts eating solids, but it is still worth it for sure! 

Everything is going very well! Now we are busy planning his first birthday party! I can't believe this time has already come! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Forty Seven Weeks

This past Saturday was a fun day for us, we played in the yard for a few hours and Max loved it. He crawled and walked on the grass, picked dandelions, rode in his wagon, swung in his swing, and had lots of fun! I'm so excited that we are finally getting nice weather, because he loves being outside. 

Here's his adorable morning nap pose. Boy oh boy, I love his cute little feet!

Crawling in the grass!

Yay! Swing!

He still loves his avocado!!

Max had red bell peppers for the first time this week, and he loved them!

Play time before bed!

Saturday night was Max's first night away from mommy! He slept at Gramma J's house and they had lots of fun. I missed him so much, I don't know when I can do that again. My week was all messed up, I just hadn't had enough baby time this weekend. It's amazing how much of an impact this little child has had on my life. It's good for daddy and I to have time alone, and we did. Sean was playing a show, and it was good for me to be able to go and be a supportive wife. Having a great time helped too :) thanks again to Gramma J for babysitting the little monster! 

This week he's getting even stronger and more confident! He's going from squatting to standing without holding onto anything. He is also letting go of things while he's standing, and holding his arms up until he's wobbly. Then he grabs back on, steadies himself, and tries again. I love watching him do this!

Last night I watching him stack some of the plastic shapes that go with his shape sorter. He was stacking them up, and trying to get three and four pieces tall. He had a few stacks around him, and I could really see his mind working as he figured out to fit the shapes together to stand up. Then of course, they went in his mouth. 

For a couple of weeks I've been trying to teach him about the words "oopsie" and "ta-da." It's been really fun. Apparently teaching the word oopsie helps a child understand that mistake happen, and that you're not made. Anyway, he thinks "oopsie" is hilarious! He would drop his sippy cup and wait for me to say it, then laugh his little monster head off. We went through this like nine more times, until his belly hurt too much to laugh. Fun times at dinner with mommy! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Forty Six Weeks

Max started waiving!! He waved goodbye to his daddy last Friday morning when we were leaving for daycare, and we were so excited! He loves seeing how excited we are when he does new things, he looked so proud!

This past weekend he started dancing from side to side. He's been dancing front to back for weeks, but now it is side to side as well and it was very cute! He looks so happy when he dances!

Poor guy is still teething. It looks like its back teeth now, because he keeps putting his fingers down the sides of his mouth. Poor thing. He's not sleeping well at night, so we are having lots of extra mommy cuddles.

He is loving his swing outside. I'm glad that it's finally warm enough for him to use it! He screamed at me last weekend when I took him out of it (he had started shivering), he wants to be in it all of the time. Oh, and he likes trying to eat leaves and he holds dandelions like a curious and happy little boy.

When I'm doing laundry or sorting his dirty diapers after daycare in his room, he loves to push the diaper pail around his room. He's turning everything into a walker. Trash barrels, laundry baskets, his bead maze, everything. He is determined to walk!

Also... He's starting to stand more often without holding onto anything. I don't think he knows he's doing it yet, but I already know what is coming next :)