Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eleven Months

Max turned eleven months old yesterday! I still can't believe how fast time is going. I keep catching myself sitting there, staring at him, and wishing I could bottle these moments. I love this little boy so much that my heart just swells! 

For overall progress, things are still going very well with breast feeding. For about three weeks, I've been pumping double what he consumes. I was waiting until he turned eleven months to drop a pumping session at work. Eek! So I'm typing away right now while I take my only pump break at work. I will continue to pump driving to and from work, so that should cover his bottles at daycare. My goal is to make it to one year, and it looks like it will definitely happen. 

Max has been having so much fun at meal time. He's a pro with a sippy cup and he loves water! His favorite food right now is blueberries, he just loves them. He feeds himself at every meal, and he's really enjoying table food too. He gets so excited when he can eat what we are eating, not just the chopped up veggies that are especially for him. This weekend, at brunch (for Mother's Day, thanks again to my hubby!) Max was having a blast eating eggs and pancakes from his own little plate. He loves carbs, just like his mommy!

We are still cloth diapering, and that is still going well. There are is a little more work (spraying diapers) after the baby starts eating solids, but it is still worth it for sure! 

Everything is going very well! Now we are busy planning his first birthday party! I can't believe this time has already come! 

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