Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fifty Weeks

It has begun!! He has started walking!! Last night he took three steps! He was playing with the dishwasher (his favorite thing to do while mommy does the dishes), and he was pushing the door up with me as I closed it. Then he let go and took three steps to my legs! He's so motivated! I love watching his happy smile when he's walking, like he can't believe what's happening. I know that kids start to walk around now, but it still seems so fast!

Another new thing... he's climbing off of furniture. Well, kind of. He likes to dangle his arms off of the couch and wiggle until his hands are touching the floor. Then he walks his hands forward on the floor until his knees are hanging off of the couch and he puts his knees on the floor one by one. He has a similar style with getting down from the bed, except he likes to do more of a somersault off of the bed. Scary, but he loves it. The carpet in our bedroom and the shorter height makes it a lot easier for him. He thinks it's hilarious to get down himself, and then run (well crawl) away.

He's really into peek-a-boo with paper towels! (Note: This is my way of tricking him into washing his face, which he does not enjoy.) After his meal, I wet a paper towel and wiggle it in the air until I drape it over his face. Then he sits there, wiggling his arms and legs and breathing heavily until I say, "Where is baby Max?!" two times. Not once, twice. He likes to build up to a huge climax. Then he pulls the cloth off and squeals with glee. It's adorable!! We do this about ten times in a row, which is about when he gets bored with it. Coincidentally, his face is usually clean by then as well. Perfect game for cleanup!

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