Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Forty Eight Weeks

Max has learned a new trick! He's now helping to put things away. He's been observing and helping a little before, but he's doing it all on his own now. 

We were playing outside, and he was in the grass with his bucket of toys. He started putting all of the toys back in the bucket, and then put his hands on his hips to wait. Apparently that was my cue to do something else! Silly kid. It was so awesome, and I'm so proud! 

He's been playing with his alphabet magnets and loving it. He is moving them around, pulling them off of the fridge, biting them, and of course throwing them on the floor. He's having so much fun that he doesn't even realize how little he is holding things for support! He's just standing there playing, not even realizing it. So exciting. Oh, and he was actually putting the magnets back on the fridge to help mommy clean up. Think about that, it takes some skill to put a magnet back on a fridge. Such a smart little boy! 

Stacking!! He's stacking his toys now. He's getting the shapes from his shape sorter into stacks of two, sometimes three. He's getting really good at it, and I love that he doesn't get all frustrated. If they fall, he just tries again. No crying or screaming, just focus. 

I had a wonderful first Mother's Day. My boys brought me out for brunch, and we had a nice stroll through a beautiful part of Providence. It was an awesome day!

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