Thursday, May 9, 2013

Forty Seven Weeks

This past Saturday was a fun day for us, we played in the yard for a few hours and Max loved it. He crawled and walked on the grass, picked dandelions, rode in his wagon, swung in his swing, and had lots of fun! I'm so excited that we are finally getting nice weather, because he loves being outside. 

Here's his adorable morning nap pose. Boy oh boy, I love his cute little feet!

Crawling in the grass!

Yay! Swing!

He still loves his avocado!!

Max had red bell peppers for the first time this week, and he loved them!

Play time before bed!

Saturday night was Max's first night away from mommy! He slept at Gramma J's house and they had lots of fun. I missed him so much, I don't know when I can do that again. My week was all messed up, I just hadn't had enough baby time this weekend. It's amazing how much of an impact this little child has had on my life. It's good for daddy and I to have time alone, and we did. Sean was playing a show, and it was good for me to be able to go and be a supportive wife. Having a great time helped too :) thanks again to Gramma J for babysitting the little monster! 

This week he's getting even stronger and more confident! He's going from squatting to standing without holding onto anything. He is also letting go of things while he's standing, and holding his arms up until he's wobbly. Then he grabs back on, steadies himself, and tries again. I love watching him do this!

Last night I watching him stack some of the plastic shapes that go with his shape sorter. He was stacking them up, and trying to get three and four pieces tall. He had a few stacks around him, and I could really see his mind working as he figured out to fit the shapes together to stand up. Then of course, they went in his mouth. 

For a couple of weeks I've been trying to teach him about the words "oopsie" and "ta-da." It's been really fun. Apparently teaching the word oopsie helps a child understand that mistake happen, and that you're not made. Anyway, he thinks "oopsie" is hilarious! He would drop his sippy cup and wait for me to say it, then laugh his little monster head off. We went through this like nine more times, until his belly hurt too much to laugh. Fun times at dinner with mommy! 

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