Friday, May 3, 2013

Forty Six Weeks

Max started waiving!! He waved goodbye to his daddy last Friday morning when we were leaving for daycare, and we were so excited! He loves seeing how excited we are when he does new things, he looked so proud!

This past weekend he started dancing from side to side. He's been dancing front to back for weeks, but now it is side to side as well and it was very cute! He looks so happy when he dances!

Poor guy is still teething. It looks like its back teeth now, because he keeps putting his fingers down the sides of his mouth. Poor thing. He's not sleeping well at night, so we are having lots of extra mommy cuddles.

He is loving his swing outside. I'm glad that it's finally warm enough for him to use it! He screamed at me last weekend when I took him out of it (he had started shivering), he wants to be in it all of the time. Oh, and he likes trying to eat leaves and he holds dandelions like a curious and happy little boy.

When I'm doing laundry or sorting his dirty diapers after daycare in his room, he loves to push the diaper pail around his room. He's turning everything into a walker. Trash barrels, laundry baskets, his bead maze, everything. He is determined to walk!

Also... He's starting to stand more often without holding onto anything. I don't think he knows he's doing it yet, but I already know what is coming next :)

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