Friday, June 28, 2013

Fifty Four Weeks

Here's a photo of Max and I having a raspberry blowing contest. He loves these games! 

Max is obsessed with the stairs! I think this is probably common, but it's hilarious. 

He's bringing toys up while he climbs, all of the way up. Or boxes of tissues, bags of dirty diapers from daycare, clothes from the pile mommy is folding, anything. If he can't carry it in his hand while he climbs, he throws the thing up the steps ahead of him. When he gets to it, he grabs it and throws it further up the stairs. Over and over until he's at the top.

Once he's at the top, he throws the object(s) down the steps. Laughs and laughs. He likes it when it bounces all of the way to the bottom, but sometimes it doesn't  make it the whole way. If that's the case, climbs down to the object and throws it down again. Over and over until it hits the floor. Then, you guessed it, the process starts again. He's so happy when he's climbing up, and it's so cute that he doesn't want help but constantly looks behind him to make sure I'm right there. 

This past weekend he was doing his backwards feet first approach to getting down the stairs. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to have him sit on my lap while we went sliding down the steps on my bum, step by step. There were sound effects of course, and he giggled and giggled. So that is how he goes on his own now, and he thinks it's a blast. 

I love watching him pick up his toys and put them on the seat of his push toys. It's so cute! He still likes to run around the house with them while shrieking at the top of his lungs. He's walking nonstop too, but he likes to mix it up and use his push toys also. 

Stacking rings are his favorite lately. He's really good at getting the rings onto the pole, and he's so happy when he gets them all on. Stacking blocks and cups is also a blast, but his favorite part is knocking them down and pushing them all over the floor. This just cracks him up, and he laughs and laughs. 

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