Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fifty One Weeks

More steps this week! Max is up to six in a row before sitting down. He's standing up and walking too, it's not only letting go of things to walk. He's so proud and determined to keep trying. I love watching him learn how to do these things! 

Max is now a stealth ninja about climbing off of furniture and getting down steps. He turns around, puts one leg over until he finds the ground, and then eases his body off of the cushion until he's standing. This sounds like a slow and careful process, right? No, he's fast! It's amazing how quick he is, he's got ninja moves! 

His new favorite thing this week is to feed me during meals. Broccoli, peas, and especially Cheerios. These are the most delicious bites of food I've ever eaten. His little giggles and kicks each time I eat food from his hand, it's just the best. 

Yesterday Max's daycare had a summer party. It's designed more for the older kids, but Max still got to enjoy it. As we were walking out of the building, Max lit up when he saw a train (a small gas-powered train look-alike, pulling carts and everything) in the parking lot. We ended up getting on and he was so excited! He was turning his feet and wrists in circles, which is how I always know that he's VERY excited. We ended up taking three train rides! He was having a blast! I'm sure he'll love it even more next year. 

The poor little guy had to leave daycare early today, we found out that he has an ear infection. Poor guy. He's teething, evil molars, and ear infections often accompany these fun times. These molars have been bothering him for three weeks now, hopefully the end is in sight. I hate seeing my poor baby in so much pain. He's on his medicine for the ear infection, and I have my fingers crossed that he'll feel better for his birthday party Saturday! So exciting! 

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