Friday, June 14, 2013

Fifty Two Weeks

Oh my gosh!!! Fifty two weeks? It's been that long already?? 

Max has really embraced the whole walking thing. He's always walking to get somewhere, and then crawls after he stumbles. But he always starts with walking. He's over ten steps in a row, he gets five feet or so now. It's incredible! 

Max has three words that he is saying now. Mama, dada and guk (book). He says plenty of baby words, but those are the three words that I've noticed him say with an association to a person/object. Of course I'm thrilled that he is saying book! Well, almost!

Speaking of books, I don't think I've posted about this. For weeks, he's been turning the pages by himself during story time. Sometimes he's turning too many and closing the book, but that could be because he's sick of the book. We are experimenting. He loves books with flaps on the pages, and pieces that slide. His Brown Bear, Brown Bear book has been one of his favorites for months, but now he loves it even more because he slides open a panel on each page. He is such a smart little guy with it too. 

Door knobs. Oh boy, door knobs. For a few weeks now he's been trying to reach up and turn them. What?! He's too young for that! He gets up on his little tippy toes and tries to turn it. The first time I saw this, I almost jumped out of my skin. It looks like we have to get safety wraps for our door handles soon. 

The ergo in the backback position is something I've been meaning to write about. He thinks it's a blast. He likes to lean back, which is scary to me of course, and look up at the sky. Or maybe he's trying to scare me and then laugh at me. Both are possible. Anyway, he also likes to lean to one side and look at my face with a big smile, just waiting. Then I look at him, act surprised, and he giggles his head off. Peek-a-boo baby-wearing style! It's the best!

Max had a very busy weekend! His birthday party was Saturday, and it was a blast. It went too quickly! He has so many people that love him, it was an amazing day. He loved seeing everyone, smashing and eating his cake, swinging in his favorite swing, playing in the pool, and of course socializing. My little social butterfly. 

Sunday Max got to meet his great-grandmother. Sean's grandmother is 95 years old and as sweet as could be. She loved spending time with Max, and we were lucky enough to get a few pictures. I'm hoping that he will be over his stranger anxiety next time we see her so that she enjoys the next visit more. He's just so energetic, he was crawling and walking the whole time! Crazy boy. He's definitely on the move now. 

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