Friday, July 5, 2013

Fifty Five Weeks

Max is growing up so fast! He's really enjoying wood puzzles lately. He likes to take out the puzzle pieces and put them in a pile (like in this picture below) and then put them all back on the puzzle board. Sometimes he's going back and forth quickly, piling them separately and then on the board and then back again. Other times he actually puts the pieces on the spots where they belong! He's not turning them into their spots yet, but watching him match the pictures up with the pieces is incredible. He loves looking up at my proud face when he does it. Smart boy! 

He's also enjoying interactive books. For months (like six?), we've been reading his Brown Bear, Brown Bear religiously. Sometimes several times a night. Lately he likes to slide the panel to look at the picture of the next animal. He waits until I'm done reading the page, and then he slides it across (and often claps after). Then I make the animal noise for the next page, and he giggles while he turns the page. It's quite fun! We have a few books that have flaps to look at hidden areas on the page, and he likes to look under each flap. He's always sure to put the flap back flat before turning the page, it's quite cute to watch. 

When we are stuck in the car for long rides (for him, that's a 45 minute drive), he and I play a little game. I point at my nose and say, "Mommy's nose" and then point at his nose and say, "Max's nose." He giggles, and  I repeat a few times. It's a fun game when he's slipped and fallen, or is cranky. We're working on other parts of our faces too, but he likes the nose the most.

Max likes to pick up our shoes and take them to us, he's just started doing this recently. I usually take it for a cue to go outside and play, unless it's dark out. Anyway, he brought my shoes to me  last night and I said, "Are those Mommy's shoes?" Guess what he did? He pointed at his nose (I had him repeat it again, immediately, for the picture below) and then clapped like a happy and proud little boy. This is his new favorite thing, to point at my nose or his nose when prompted. His aim is a little off, but we are he's understanding!

Today was a great day. I had the day off (Happy 4th of July!) to enjoy with my family. We had a lot of time outside today swinging and playing with his water table. We even spent some time in the hammock while he nursed. That, by the way, was wonderful! We had a "stick out your tongue" contest, and here's a glimpse of how that went: 

Today Max stacked five blocks! He has been stacking up to three for a few weeks, and I was waiting with my camera to capture him stacking up to four today. He beat that goal, and went right to five! We did lots of happy clapping after he finished knocking the stack down and laughing. He's getting really good with his aim! He's constantly grabbing his miniature ring stacker (thank you Auntie Ashley!) and a little wooden car that has stacking pieces also, and taking them apart to put back together again. He focuses so intently, and is great with his aim! He also likes to make Mommy bite his toys, which is fun too. Plenty of giggles! I love watching my little boy learn! 

I'm very excited to have the next three days off with him too! 

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