Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fifty Six Weeks

This past week was great! I loved having four days straight with my family. I really needed that, and it was perfect. 

Max started nodding to say yes! He signs for milk, I ask if he wants milk, and he nods. It's great! All of these little pieces are so great together, and it's making life easier too. So far he signs for milk, and now the nod (which I say counts as dialogue). He kind of claps for "all done" but he is getting closer. When I'm teaching him signs, he usually giggles. All a big joke for the monster. But will get jt soon, I'm in no rush. 

We spent most of the Fourth of July in our backyard. He loves his swing, so there was plenty of that. We both wore our bathing suits and played with the water table, splashing and making a mess. It was great! Daddy brought him into the kiddie pool, and we even used the sprinkler. It was a relaxing, but fun day. We finished the big day with a trip for Max to have his first soft-served ice cream! He loved it, for the first ten bites at least. We even got to see some fireworks, he loved looking up and seeing all of the lights. 

One year ago on the Fourth of July, and today:

Max went swimming for the first time in a lake Saturday! He took turns hanging on to mommy and daddy, and he had tons of fun splashing. Once in a while, he would be brave and lean forward or backward into the water. We loved watching his faces as he got used to the crazy sensation of being in water, it's been a long time since he was submerge in liquid :)

Max loves putting things away. He moves things around, puts things in containers, sorts things, everything you can think of relating to organizing objects. I was taking pictures of him while we played in our sheet fort, and he grabbed my lens cap to put it back on! It was adorable, and I was lucky enough to snap the perfect picture to capture the moment. 

As I was sweeping the floor this weekend, Max went into the other room to find the dust pan. He came in and started following me around with the dust pan, bent over like he was going to catch the dirt. It was so cute! I ran to grab my camera, and what does he do? He grabs the broom and tries to finish the job for me! He was moving quickly, so my phone didn't capture a great photo, but it is still worth sharing. 

He also wanted to feed himself his yogurt! As I was feeding him, he started moving his hands like he wanted to scoop with a utensil. I handed him his spoon, and he started picking yogurt up and heading for his face. He was far better coordinate than I expected, but he still got the perfect amount on his face :) 

This little kid is incredible. We were playing on the deck, and he was slapping and kicking a ball around. Then he found the wiffle bat nearby. What does he do next? He started to use the wiffle bat to hit the ball, pushing it around the deck! In between the legs of the chairs, around the chairs, all over the place! It was crazy and I must have had my jaw dropped for a good few minutes. I caught a couple minutes of it on video to share with Sean, because it seemed too crazy to be true! It looks like he might be a hockey player some day! 

Max and I like to sit on his push toys and chase each other around the house. They're tough to turn, so we don't go very fast, but he thinks it's hysterical! Here he is, sitting on his push car! 

He is still so intrigued by stacking toys on their stands. He's constantly playing with the small wooden ring stacker and a wooden car that has pieces that stack on rings. He likes to stack, un-stack, and stack again. 

Unfortunately, Max has another ear infection. We know that they often accompany teething (note: molars are evil), but it's still tough to see that he's still getting them. This is his sixth ear infection! He's acting like himself now, after a couple of days on antibiotics, and I'm so grateful for that. Watching him in pain is so difficult for me. He's been doing lots of sleeping, like in this adorable photo of him napping on the couch. 

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